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Upper body exercises that involve a direct cable, a smooth rolling mechanism, and heavy weight can provide great strength training and pleasure.

The Ironmaster Cable Tower has in the past attached to the Ironmaster Super Bench. Now it can be had with just a small but functional seat.  Never was so much high quality cable stuff to be achieved in such a small space.

Popular demand has brought it;  a sturdy seat that attaches to the cable tower, giving you a platform for smooth execution of the best cable exercises, such as pull downs, triceps press-downs, cable rows and curls and other arm-engaged exercises, in a very small space.  But with no functional compromise!  And of course, being Ironmaster, it's designed to never break, and handles a 110+ kg plate load.  And there's no geometry compromising the true load.  When you pull 100 kg, it's 100 kg. It also permits the use of Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells as resistance.

Tall people get an excellent stretch; it's well over 7 feet tall (2.18 m)  and they're sitting on a seat height of 20 inches  (0.508 metres)  It's designed to be comfortable to sit on, but also narrow enough to stand over with bothering your legs. The pad is 9″ wide x 18″ long.  Base extends 27″ (0.68 m) from the  tower, and the foot has leveling adjustments to help with uneven floors.   Total net space taken up by tower and seat is 0.51m by 1.3m

As Ironmaster users would expect, it comes with substantial capacity, with lift capacity of  113 kg, or 250 lbs, which is a common max in a commercial gym.  

Here's just a partial list of exercises that can be performed with the Ironmaster Cable Tower:

– High pulley curls
– High pulley cable pull
– High pulley rows
– Low pulley rows
– Cable curls
– Upright rows
– Straight arm shoulder raises

The system includes the main frame, upper and lower pulley cables, Olympic Sleeve Adapters (8″ long), QLDB adapter, lat pull hold down pads and a 48″ lat pull bar with swivel and extension chain.

This equipment is made in Taiwan by a contract manufacturer for Ironmaster LLC, a Seattle, Washington family company of 25 years' standing. Ironmaster equipment doesn't break.

Here's the Cable Tower demo.  Remember, you just get the seat and tower with this, not the bench.

Freight:  (It's top right, near Add to Cart)  We have much of the population base covered as simply as possible, up front. If your choice isn't in one of those metro areas, check with us here. There's often a good answer.

Ironmaster offers a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for benches, machines and optional attachments.  Pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery (if applicable) are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.

Ironmaster Cable Tower with Seat

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