Getting Started With Strength Training for Boomers and 50-Plus

Doing the things that keep you strong may well be the most important things you do!

It’s no secret that strength training keeps adding to its list of benefits, health and otherwise, and can be the central point of a plan that includes cardiovascular exercise, balance, flexibility and agility.

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You can now get excellent strength-training variety at home, without going to a commercial gym, with equipment doesn't take much space. Which means you can do it more often, more conveniently, with better and faster results. The plan should have at its centre strength-training of major muscle groups, (with what are called compound exercises) These are the most important – they emulate natural actions, like pulling things, pushing things, lifting things. This is the main focus of our equipment – tools that offer plenty of grip positions and differing angles for full, natural, safe movement and gains, that’s heavy-duty, and accomplishes extensive variety in a small space. Build your own program, or take some suggestions from our own introductory library of training info, Strength01.

Here are some home strength gyms that do all the important training moves with robustness and permit really good form.   All are top-level quality and clever design...from 25 year + US family companies that get it right.