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15 kettlebells in one.  Save money and space.  And being able to increase weight in smaller jumps (than with separate, 4 kg jumps) you can make faster progress, and reduce injury risk.  Interlocking plates lock solid with a partial turn of the locking pin. (And there's an upgrade which takes it to 24 kettlebells in one - to 36 kg plus)  Mechanism is patented.  And no plastic!   And no rattle.

The Quick-Lock Kettlebell handle weighs 22.5 lbs ( 10+ kg) empty and will accept Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates and uses the same locking screws.  In this case the offer includes a 35 lb weight set, allowing for a total of 57.5 lb or 26 kg.  Add-on kit locking screws permit you to go up to 80 lbs (36.3 kg).  There was never such a comprehensive fitness and strength tool that took so little space.

These are the breaks:


The handle is big enough for two handed use but shaped well for single hand.  It's made of formed steel specially cast into the base for extra strength.  Surface is not too smooth, not too rough.  The locking threads are machined steel - the same as Ironmaster's dumbbell handles, so everything's heavy duty. The shape and ergonomics designed into the kettlebell are the result of extensive development. The locking screw will never interfere with your grip. The QLKB is also sold as a single handle.  The kettlebell has a flat bottom with the locking pin in it, so it won't wobble when you're looking for smooth pick up action, or fall off a bench and crush your foot!  You can later upgrade further to 80 lb or 36.3 kg capacity, with another 9 steps; see it here:  Kettlebell Upgrade.  Ironmaster, a family company,  has been making excellent strength equipment for more than thirty years.  It doesn't break.

Warranty:  kettlebell handles and plates carry a lifetime warranty to the first owner.

Ironmaster Dumbbells and Kettlebell Handles carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell - 10 to 26 kg (22.5 to 57.5 lb) - 15 k'bells in one.

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