Heavy-duty half-cage with unique features and a small footprint 

Built in Taiwan by Ironmaster of Seattle, Washington. Ironmaster is a company with the strength of reputation to sell on-line only in the US.  (This is not your regular world-famous-in-Ningbo cheapie with a flash-sounding name, where you're not told anything about the rack's weight - a key item.  This is 95 kg, by the way)  The IM1500 is a half cage for barbell training with unique features to help save space and train hard -  with a traditional or cross fit focus.  It's full height,  yet it takes up only 130 cm by 130 cm square on the floor and carries big capacity.  (A bar increases the amount of space needed...you need ten feet across for a seven foot bar - but it also takes standard bars; see dimensions below )   Price doesn't include plates, bench or bar.  

    1. It's ideal for a huge range of squats, presses, dead lifts, shrugs and many more frame supported lifts. Also great for chin ups, pull ups and suspension straps or ab straps. 
    2. Heavy duty powder coated structural steel frame for the strength and stability. 1,000 lb capacity. 10 year warranty.  2.5" 11-gauge square tubing,  As we said, this has a 95 kg frame.  Many others weigh much less than you want to lift. (That's why they never refer to it.  Yet weight - solidity - is a major reason you'll stay with the plan.  Rubbishy gear is the main reason folks quit). 
    3. The adjustable power band pegs permit advanced training styles.
    4. Very stable; it's heavy;  that weight is low down.  It has rubber feet; can be bolted to the floor (Little need)
    5. Built in chin-up bar
    6. 8 built-in plate storage positions for Olympic or Standard weights; Olympic sleeves come with it.
    7. Numbered upright holes every 2" for plenty of easy adjustment
    8. Simple,  strong double bar hooks and spotting arms for convenience
    9. Barbells can be used on inside or outside of frame
    10. 3 vertical bar storage positions
    11. Requires only 8 feet by 5 feet usable space.  (More for the 7 foot Olympic bar)  Takes Olympic or standard bars. Important: main dimensions are:  48.25" bar hook outside width (between the outsides of the hooks) and 43.25" inside width. 



    Here's a recent comment from an early Dunedin 1500 customer 

    The 1500 unit has been easy to use, durable and its small footprint a boon in my basement. Has held up well to the knocks, though I am always pretty gentle with it. (No dropping weights or bars if at all possible.) Its had use several times a week for a few years and is still looking good. It's easy and quick to adjust, with a good range. It is stable in use. Shows no sign of stress under the loads I put it under ... Its also a good fit for me; I don't feel restricted while squatting or pressing unlike some other equipment I have used. I imagine it will last me a lifetime.

    Freight: Top of page near Add to Cart. We have the biggest population base covered as simply as possible, up front. If your choice isn't in one of those metro areas, check with us here. There's nearly always a good answer.

Ironmaster offers a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) on its benches, machines and optional attachments.  Pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The warranty is for domestic use.

Frame supports 450 kg.

L = 129.5 cm W = 129.5 cm H = 2.15 cm.  (51' x 51' x 84.5')   Weight unloaded: 95.5 kg

Takes most standard bars (48.25" outside width, 43.25" inside width) as well as Olympic or standard plates.  (Olympic storage sleeves need to be bought, takes standard plates without)

Super heavy tubing, 11-gauge uprights and plate steel supports.

Ironmaster 1500 Half Rack. Check The Strength And Special Features.

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