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Superb design, thousands of customers, and 30 years' improvement. 

There isn't a piece of weight training equipment that has as many features as the Ironmaster IM2000 with the same compact footprint. It's rock solid feel with silky-smooth movement makes many users regard like a whisky drinker would revere a rare malt Scotch. The list of exercises you can perform on it is huge - check out just some of them in the video at the bottom of the page – making it the ultimate piece of gym equipment for any home gym or studio.   Built and improved over 30 years, the IM2000 represents years of development and refinement. For a piece of gym equipment to last this long in the US market you know that it is both heavy duty and functional.

Ironmaster locks out forwards in a much quicker and more natural movement than a traditional Smith machine. The sliding system is super smooth, with virtually no noise. The lockout points are only 1.7" apart so you never get stuck.  The IM2000 also features secondary safety stops, and heavy duty springs act as additional back up for the lifting bar.  Much more compact than a Smith Machine, the number of exercises you can do is much greater, because of the simple and elegant design.  (The IM2000 doesn't need the complex counterbalance system that Smith Machines require)

The only maintenance it needs is occasional application of silicon spray on the nylon bushes on which the bar floats.  There is none of the binding (the inevitable catching where one surface grabs another because of weight pressure) that frustrate many machines and users.  The system is patented.  Plate storage holders are by the lifting bar for convenience. 

This video contains an optional calf raise block, and plates.  Super Bench included, and the Ultimate Chin Up Bar.


  • It's similar to a Smith machine, but is better:  faster; smaller gaps/increments; smoother; more compact
  • Takes standard or Olympic plates, and free bar holders (as well as the self-spotting mechanism)
  • It's strong, and high-capacity:  frame is 3" x 3" and 3" x 6", 11 gauge structural steel .The frame supports 450 kg; cable system 155 kg.
  • It's big - over 2.13 m high (7 foot) - but compact where you need it - 7 x 5 foot footprint, back to the wall (122 cm by 122 cm, or 48' inches by 48'). Back to the wall is efficient.
  • Has the biggest range of useful strength exercises that can be performed in their most natural form - either through direct resistance of the bar, or using cable (high or low) that exploits its perfect mechanics.

Note:  This offer doesn't include plates, but includes the following: main frame, lifting bar with Olympic adapters, standard plate holders, lat pull bar, upper and lower pulley/cable system, Ironmaster Super Bench, and Ultimate Chin Up bar - with thick, beautifully knurled grips; is adjustable (distance between the handles can be adjusted; they slide and lock up, and can be reversed. You can reverse them to change angles)  You get wide grip, angled, wide grip straight bar, close grip, neutral grip, close easy grip. They can be up to 137 cm apart, and can add at least 2 inches (say, 6 cm) to the standard 2.15 m  - 7 feet-plus IM2000 height.  Rated for a 158 kg user.

Specs:  Shipping weight of the package is  136 kg.  Lifting bar is 14.5 kg..  Add the Super Bench and Ultimate Chin Up Bar at 48 kg.

Here's Lee Priest demonstrating the IM2000.

Freight: We have the biggest population base covered as simply as possible, up front. If your choice isn't in one of those metro areas, check with us here. There's nearly always a good answer.

Frame is mostly metallic grey, with textured black powder coat on areas subject to wear. Guide rails are chrome. Components are chromed.  The frame is made from 3" x 3" and 3" x 6" 11 gauge (3 mm) structural steel.

Load Capacity = 1000 lbs or 450 kg;  Cable System = 350 lbs or 158 kg s.

Ironmaster offers a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding surface finish) for their benches, machines and optional attachments. Pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.

Ironmaster 2000 Self-Spotting System

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