Present stock is Industrial Yellow - Standard Heavy Duty Dual Grip Chin Up Bars, and Dip Bars

Most of our customers have owned racks before, and are interested in strength, stability, finish and features. In that order. If it's about your effort and commitment, you don't want the doubt and distraction, the shimmies and creaks, of a feeble rack. Sharp corners. (Usually means thin steel)  Claims that are unspecific waffle.

Not this.  Powertec's for twenty years led the way with robustness, options, superb quality and finish. Check it up close. (You can't with most others)  No bolts that sink into steel mush second time round. No weakly reinforced corners. Rigidity counts.  Particularly at the front lower corners. This rack has extra structure - upright sleeves at front, as well as heavier steel, and 40+ half-inch bolts.  (See last pic above) Many racks use the smaller metric equivalents, and fewer bolts.

This all translates to enjoyment, using it more, and better results.  This rack's tested  (not some "meets" BS pulled out of the sky) to European Union standards (EN 957) for safety and performance, in both home and commercial use. (Hundreds of units in NZ, never a warranty claim, apart from some flaking on a chromed J-Hook, once, recently; replaced)  Actually, never a fault out of warranty, either. Other aspects:

  • 20 years+ in the business, Powertec owns its manufacturing.  In control, end-to-end. Uncommon.
  • Big square steel safeties, padded, protect your bar. Watch out for skinny safeties.  On one major locally-sold brand's users have performed vertical rows (pull-ups) on them only to have them bend. (Safeties?)(Look at this rack's safeties close up in pic 2)
  • There's dual-grip chin up handles.  They're pictured. Take 180 kg.
  • Heavy duty movable dip bars, inwardly-oriented for inner pecs. Good for inverted rows. And push ups. And these're lumps of steel, good for 180 kg.  .
  • Rack takes 450 kg loads. Weighs 95 kg empty. - without plate holders, options. 
  • Options are at bottom of page; 100 kg plate holders, Landmine, Band Pegs, Height Extenders in stock, but hurry...
  • Optional Landmine Attachment for huge added exercise variety. 
  • Close-up quality and finish.  Uses more cold-formed steel processes; makes equipment tougher, per unit of weight.  See the Powertec and Ironmaster Benefit.
  • Speaking of quality and finish, why are other products seldom shown close-up?

Note the NO WARRANTY statement at tab at top.  But for this price, and the fact there haven't been any warranty claims or even faults in 9+ years anyway, how bad is that?

Optional Height Extenders add 5 inches (12.7 cm) to normal height (7 feet) for chin ups etc.  (Check your ceiling though, need headroom)  

Serious stuff below - if you happen to squat 210 kg, have the confidence this man has with an old model Powertec rack, identical-spec unit.    

In the next video Lee Priest (Mr Universe, Amateur) shows the variety of exercises . (He doesn't use any options or add-ons - dip bars are included) 


We have been surprised by an effective 50% increase in warehouse costs, and a pile of freight and related increases. It’s the 50% that spoils things. It’s not worth continuing business on this basis. So we're going to close.  BEAR IN MIND, Powertec and Ironmaster hardly ever break. Customers have all been contacted, with a ton of goodwill.  They're still buying.

So, current prices are now much reduced – much more than the value of any warranty, given the quality we believe (just about) any user will vouch for. We’ve had less than a dozen faults over a thousand items. And most of them have been outside the warranty period. Correspondence shows fewer. (Excludes freight damage occasionally, which we fixed fast)

It's almost as if...who needs a warranty?

Dimensions:  L = 128 cm   W =127 cm   H = 213 cm  Weight 95 kg,  Capacity 450 kg

Powertec Power Rack With Standard Dual Grip Chin Up, Heavy Duty Dip Bars Only

  • Brand: Powertec
  • Product Code: Powertec Power Rack REDUCED
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $890

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