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The best strength-building exercises are compound exercises - major multi-joint movements that reflect everyday life. Few home gyms do them, and when they do, they're often poorly done. The LeverGym permits the very best form of both compound and isolation (single-joint) exercises. Because the mechanism guides the movement,  the trainer can concentrate on the lift or press. Many users feel it gets better results than free weights because of the concentration. Bodybuilders especially.   Or you can use circuits - mix resistance levels, rest lengths, and rep numbers and you can meet variable cardio, leanness and strength aims.

  1. All done in a compact space. It’s superbly made, and solid. 132 kg empty, it takes up a lot less space than a rack. (Doesn't need a 7-foot bar and extra at the ends) Dimensions are in a pic above.
  2. You get the same grip width as an Olympic bar, but greater grip variety
  3. The LeverGym suits both beginners and advanced trainers. Beginners get to perform all the major exercises that will help build a foundation with complete safety.  The machine will let them get in the right position for each exercise.  The leverage format means they won't get trapped under a barbell. 
  4. An all-angle bench. Close-grip bar as well (removable).  Has a big pad that softens effect on shoulders when squatting. Wheels on the bench get it out of the way fast, for squats or space saving storage
  5. It offers self-spotting safety. Just move a big pin. stops the weight dropping unpleasantly.
  6. Lever arms let you focus on the lift or press. 225 kg on the press arms, which are isolateral - use them barbell-style, or independently. (Muscles develop differently.  Balance them with isolateral exercise) 
  7. Simply huge exercise variety. Design a circuit-driven work-out, and modify pace and resistance to bring cardio gains from strength moves.   More about it see HERE.
  8. Legs: squats perfectly isolate the quads225 kg. Excellent lunges as well.  Lever action stabilises you.  Comfortable shoulder pad.
  9. The cable tower offers a range of pull-downs, press-down, rows, and isolation exercises.  

Machine is tough, with superb finish and quality. The lever arms use heavy steel and industrial bearings.  Meets the European Union's EN 957 standard for commercial use.  A serious, tested standard; not some private arrangement (The only one in this country, apart from other Powertec items)

What's in this offer?  Every function in these next two videos. (No options needed, but weight plates aren't included).  All major muscle groups are properly-worked without the options. They're for variety. Main picture at top of page shows a Leg Curl/Extension, an option. In picture  6 above, Rob Riches is using a Curl Machine (Biceps) Accessory, an option, and in a video lower down he's using a Leg Curl/Extension, not included.  Options and prices are at bottom of page. Dimensions are in a picture up top. It's good for 1.88 m height. 

In the videos above, some of the best training exercises are demonstrated by Rob Riches, and then Lee Priest.  Take the moves slower, with a half-dozen heavy reps per set, and build mass.  Build power and leanness with more reps per set, less weight, shorter rests.  Go down to 50-60% of your max lift weight, and with high reps and short breaks, get a powerful cardio pump. Or mix it on different days. A perfect way to mix cardio and strength.  Check out the circuit on the  Exercise Inventory tab above. This is real compound-exercise stuff, not floppy, cable-hung pec flyes. Just silent bearings; and great grip and angle variety.  Rows as well. (A real, gravity-driven pec flye is available as a removable add-on to the bench)

The bench - with a sealed-bearing movement that provides for superb positioning with press exercises, it's super comfortable.  (Close-up in picture 3)  A lock-and-load option attachment at the front lets you add other devices, such as pec flye, dip, leg press and arm curl attachments.  These are for exercise variety.  The important stuff''s already taken care of.  They don't take up more space - your legs usually go there anyway!  The rear cable unit leverage assures even resistance through the movement. Take the bench away and you're taking up very little space.

Now for something different:  An 11-year-old video that aims to remove any doubt that this is solid kit. The machine's even better now too:  Ivan Sadek - Man v Machine.

The LeverGym suits both beginners and advanced trainers. Beginners get to perform all the major exercises that will help build a foundation with complete safety.  The machine will let them get in the right position for each exercise.  The leverage format means they won't get trapped under a barbell.  There's extraordinary grip variety and body fit.  And just because the leverage principle gets you get so much done in a small space, it doesn't mean there is compromise.  (As we said, legs training has a feature that's not easy to see...the squat design perfectly isolates the quads, and delivers excellent split squats or backward lunges, with the lever arm offering more stability over the dumbbell or barbell form of the exercises.  More about squats, here.

See the Rob Riches Quads and Calves Workout

Measurements and Loads: L=195 cm W=142 cm H=208 cm;  note: good for tall people...1.88 m, say. Weight, unloaded: 132 kgs.  Lever load: 225 kg; High/Low Cable: 130 kg.  There's a plan diagram among the images above.

What's Included

The Leverage Gym as quoted comes with a wide lat pull-down bar, a short press down bar, with revolving handles, and a single curl, or stirrup handle. Weight plates aren't included. 

Colour:  Tower unit is industrial yellow, matte finish.  Bench is matte black. Also, a reduced-price all-black is also available.

Construction: the Leverage Gym is constructed with 3" & 2" steel tubing with a 12 gauge (2.5 mm) wall thickness. Lever arms are 3 mm thick steel with a pair of heavy duty bearings on each arm. Padding is industrial grade high density foam with double stitched upholstery. A durable baked on powder coat finish is applied to the frame.



We have been surprised by an effective 50% increase in warehouse costs, and a pile of freight and related increases. It’s the 50% that is the problem. It’s not worth continuing business on this basis. So we're going to close.  BEAR IN MIND, Powertec and Ironmaster hardly ever break. Customers have all been contacted, with a ton of goodwill.  

So, our current prices are now much reduced – much more than the value of any warranty, given the quality we believe (just about) any user will vouch for. We’ve had less than a dozen faults over a thousand items. And most of them have been outside the warranty period. Correspondence shows fewer. (Excludes freight damage occasionally, which we fixed fast)

It's almost as if...who needs a warranty?

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