A Super Leg Machine 

SOLD OUT Many trainers haven’t squatted or don’t like squatting because they don’t feel comfortable or safe.  Modern gyms have fancy machines that work the legs in all types of movements but the old-fashioned squat is still king. Others want extra variety in their squats to hit them hard.  Still others want to concern themselves less with stability, more on effort - to just squat.  They can. This machine takes care of stability.

The Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf allows you to perform squats in a controlled movement with complete safety. The patented stop/start lever allows you to pick the weight up from the top part of the movement. The spotter bars. lower down,  hold the load if you can’t complete the repetition.  (See both load pin and the safety block in pictures 4, 6, 8, 10).  It's built for serious effort.  It handles 225 kg.  The machine itself is 90 kg.  Use one leg at a time and you get effective lunges.

The squat arm has heavy duty padding that avoids the shoulder discomfort associated with barbell squats. The top padding sits on your shoulders and the padding at the rear cradles you into the correct position. The shoulder pads can be adjusted for shoulder width. 

The angle of the footplate on the Leverage Squat/Calf allows you to isolate the quads, hamstrings and glutes by taking the load off the back and knees. The movement lets you work parts of the leg that you don’t hit with barbell squats because most people can't get the same range of motion.  The calf raise is a bonus.  You've got comfort, no balance problems and a full range of motion.  Perfect for calves.

The Leverage Squat-Calf is backed by the European Union's EU 957-1 standard for performance and safety.  Note: Weight plates aren't included.


Powertec quality and finish.  Powertec owns its own manufacturing.  Been in business for over twenty years; built the first leverage machines for the home - use market. (Most suppliers don't own their manufacturing; use third parties, put it out to bid from time to time. How serious is their commitment to quality and better design when they do this?)  Powertec uses better manufacturing technology than many pseudo-brands.  Have a look at the products close up. Most others don't show theirs in close-up.

An Aussie quote: 

"Beyond phenomenal. After using it, I don’t understand why every gym in Sydney doesn’t have one. It automatically forces correct form with very little thought, allowing complete concentration on the job at hand; getting back up again!  Much less pressure on my knees as well. Great for calves too...and of course, you don’t need a spotter; the built-in guard means that if I take a risk for that extra rep, I can do so in confidence."

Dimensions: Length: 155 cm Width: 120 cm Height: 160 cm

Weight: 95 kg.   Weight Load Capacity - 225 kg


We have been surprised by an effective 50% increase in warehouse costs, and a pile of freight and related increases. It’s the 50% that spoils things. It’s not worth continuing business on this basis. So we're going to close.  BEAR IN MIND, Powertec and Ironmaster hardly ever break. Customers have all been contacted, with a ton of goodwill.  As a matter of fact, the real $ buying since we told them, has been by them.

So, our current prices are now much reduced – much more than the value of any warranty, given the quality we believe (just about) any user will vouch for. We’ve had less than a dozen faults over a thousand items. And most of them have been outside the warranty period. Correspondence shows fewer. (Excludes freight damage occasionally, which we fixed fast)

It's almost as if...who needs a warranty?

Quads and Hamstring Development on the Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf and Leg Sled

Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf Machine SOLD OUT

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