Productive Strength Training Home Gyms Versus Useless Ones

Authoritative weight training sites include the following in their list of the most important exercises for building strength:  squats, deadlifts bench presses, rows, pull-downs (or pull-ups/chin ups) , military presses, and dips. They're known as compound exercises, because they use combinations of all major muscle groups in natural movements.  All the important pushing and pulling in different planes (angles)

On the device below, how many can be performed?

One. The lat pull down; the bar at the top. They call this a home gym.

Although this pic is from a brand not sold in NZ, there are many like it.  Anything that looks like this is next to useless. They're designed with one purpose: to produce something that looks useful, for the lowest price. Make it fit in a tiny flat-pack box so they can get get more in the container with all the trampolines.  Give it a name that sounds bold and American, even if it's never been heard of there.

The few things you can do with it are isolation exercises, minor moves that are good for therapy and toning, possibly shaping a bicep (but there are much better ways) This one does a sort-of pec flye exercise for the chest, with no adjustability for height - too bad if you don't fit. A pec flye can be good for definition, and provides a nice burn for some people, but it's no strength or mass builder. (Flyes can be done with our equipment of course)  There's a leg extension unit in the picture also - another isolation exercise - with no apparent adjustability.

Which of the key exercises does a Powertec Leverage Gym, Rack, Half Rack, Ironmaster 2000, 1500 and Super Bench, or Quick-Lock Dumbbell set permit?  

All of them, properly.  With lots of adjustability, and heavy load capacity which makes it a pleasure to use, important if you want to take it seriously.

Here are some comments from the owner of Sam's Fitness, the Australian importer of Powertec and Ironmaster equipment, and who started and built their business on these ranges:  The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.