A Super Leg Machine   

Many trainers haven’t squatted or don’t like squatting because they don’t feel comfortable or safe.  Modern gyms have fancy machines that work the legs in all types of movements but the old-fashioned squat is still king. Others want extra variety in their squats to hit them hard.  Still others want to concern themselves less with stability, more on effort - to just squat.  They can. This machine takes care of stability.

The Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf allows you to perform squats in a controlled movement with complete safety. The patented stop/start lever allows you to pick the weight up from the top part of the movement. The spotter bar holds the load if you can’t complete the repetition.  (See both load pin and the safety block in pictures 4, 6, 8, 10).  It's built for serious effort.  It handles 225 kg.  The machine itself is 90 kg.  Use one leg at a time and you get effective lunges.  And it's great for calves.

The squat arm has heavy duty padding that avoids the shoulder discomfort associated with traditional barbell squats. The top padding sits on your shoulders and the padding at the rear cradles you into the correct position.

A great feature is that the angle of the footplate on the Leverage Squat/Calf allows you to isolate the quads, hamstrings and glutes by taking the load off the back and knees. The movement lets you work parts of the leg that you don’t hit with traditional barbell squats because most people can't get the same range of motion.  

Then there's the added bonus of the standing calf raise. The calf block allows full range of motion, and the resistance-free motion of the squat arm makes it perfect for training calves. 

Weight plates are sold separately.

There are some copies in the market. As we mentioned, this unit weighs 90 kg. One no-name copy that makes similar claims to capability as ours.  Its cartons say it weighs less than 30 kg.  (They don't say this on their site) Substantial lifting is never going to be fun on that.

Lifetime warranty on structural frame (excludes paint). Five year warranty on moving frames (press arms and other unspecified moving components). Two year warranty on components (bearings, locking pins, pulleys, cables, slide rods etc). One year warranty on pads, grips and other unspecified parts. The warranty is for the original purchaser and domestic use. 

Primarily constructed with 3" & 2" steel tubing with a 12 gauge (2.5 mm) wall thickness. Lever arms are 3 mm thick steel with a pair of heavy duty bearings on each arm. Padding is industrial grade high density foam with double stitched upholstery. A durable baked on powder coat finish is applied to the frame. Bearings and spring pins are industrial grade; nuts and bolts are high tensile strength.

Current stock of these has obtained the European Commission's EN-957 certificate for both commercial and home use.

Dimensions: Length: 155 cm Width: 120 cm Height: 160 cm

Weight: 95 kg.   Weight Load Capacity - 225 kg

Quads and Hamstring Development on the Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf and Leg Sled

Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf Machine

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