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                Strength training circuits - get strength, leanness, and cardio at the same time.Some people like to take an easy, as-it-comes pace in their workout.  Fine!  But a time-driven, circuit program can kick you into gear with a planne..
If you're short of ideas to organise your training - whatever your goals -  circuits are a great way to go.Circuits means performing sets of exercise in a planned sequence, at a planned pace, with planned rests between sets, making sure there's the right variety and mix of exercises.Circuit tra..
What It IsA piece of equipment into which you place one end of an Olympic bar, enabling the trainer to put weights on the other end – which you can grasp with one or both hands to perform all sorts of new and powerful training movements.It usually attaches to the bottom of a power rack; this mak..
You don’t have to go to failure to get strength gains – in other words have to put so much into your last lift that you have to drop it. And I don’t think you should. This piece of an article on Quora (; needs registration), by Darren Beattie, a coach, explains why. (He says lots of other i..
(By Mark Rippetoe; author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, Practical Programming for Strength Training,  Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity, and many other magazine and internet articles)When you consult a medical professional about exercise, the standard recommendation amounts to a prescription..
This program is provided by Brad Turnbull, a past (2006) Mr Australia Runner-Up and a Personal Trainer who instructs his clients on Powertec equipment, and works with Sam’s Fitness, the Powertec distributor in Australia.This program is great for beginner or intermediate weight trainers. I even use t..
This question was posed to a coach, Darren Beattie, on, where he has thousands of followers, presumably built up through the thoughtfulness and insight of his answers to questions posed on the site.His response:I’d argue that it’s ‘healthier’ than almost any other kind of exercise for the ..
The principle of progressive overload is the most important principle of strength training, and refers to continually increasing the demands on your muscles  so that you can continually make gains in muscle size, strength and endurance. To get bigger and stronger you must continually lift more ..
A cyclist with huge quadriceps power can be out-sprinted by someone with much lesser thighs. Strength training can help make your muscles outperform those of someone who’s naturally stronger (or perhaps who started to train much earlier) because your muscles have developed a better brain-muscle conn..

Full list of exercises for a power rack, bench and barbell

Strength equipment suppliers sometimes offer items with isolateral function – the facility to let you use arms or legs independently. Let’s look at some benefits.Many exercises – bench presses are typical – use both limbs in unison. This is called bilateral training. The reality is that in most trai..
In strength training, a circuit is planned, time-based sequence of sets of exercises, performed at a pace that permits safe and high quality execution, with rest breaks between each set   The rest breaks offer a degree of recovery, and time to prepare for the next set, which will be a diff..