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There Are Several Versions of the Romanian Dead Lift
And here's a good explanation and demonstration of them:  Romanian Dead Lifts..
How do you 'lift weights' for your lungs? The answer is a hand-held device known as an 'inspiratory muscle training device'. You hold it to your mouth and it provides resistance to airflow, making you breathe in and out with more force. The sensation has been described as “sucking hard through a straw which sucks back”.During early use in patients with lung diseases, patients performed a 30-minute, low-resistance regimen daily to boost their lung capacity.But in 2016, University of Arizona researchers published results from a trial to see if just 30 inhalations per day with greater resist..
The Search for a Better Quick Measurement of Health
The challenge of finding a meaningful indicator of a person's health - is it blood pressure? Body Mass Index (BMI?) Walking speed? Treadmill test? The more accurate a simple and quick indicator, the better. Ideally, as they say, it should be meaningful, measurable, actionable, and durable   This article from  Atlantic Monthly is valuable - it gives insight into motivations and how they affect better correlations with other activity a person might engage in.  Push-ups, (the ability to do a few or more) for instance, are a more accurate indication of health and longevity..
Injury Prevention Principles for Weight Training
Useful advice and explanations here to take into a variety of training situations.Injury Prevention Principles..
One study of ‘super agers’ at Northwestern University in Chicago followed a group of 24 people aged 80 and over who had retained the brainpower of people in their 50s. Recruits were selected by their ability to recall a list of 15 random words half an hour after having them read to them. An average 80-year-old remembers only five, while an average 50-year-old remembers nine or more.The ‘super agers’, however, remembered at least nine — and some could recall all 15.One distinguishing factor shared by all the ‘super agers’ was that of being extroverted and having many more social contacts than t..
Protect Your Shoulders With Single Kettlebell Complexes
Excellent article about how AC joint (shoulders) becomes increasingly susceptible to injury, and shows a way to work around it.  Works for me.Breaking Muscle - How To Save Your Shoulders and Still Work Overhead..
                                            Leverage MachinesMulti-function leverage machines have evolved over the past twenty years for home-use gyms, having been developed earlier for commercial gyms, where they generally performed one operation per machine.  They've been shown to produce accelerated gains in muscular strength and other benefits in resistance training.  The designer's first step was to choose the most effective free weight training exercises. A frame-..
A Wider View Of Smith Machines' Effectiveness
Smith machines, or "self-spotting machines" provide a lifting bar that moves on vertical rails and permits you to "rack" the bar or stop the lift at any point.  Some trainers assert that these machines are no good for training because the straight-up-and-down, or vertical plane of movement doesn't reflect natural body movement, and that the device removes the need to use other muscles and tendons for stabilsation and balance, causing problems of development..This article, by a serious competitive lifter, brings wider understanding to the topic. Are Smith Machines Bad?..
Strength Train To Reduce Injury Risks
Bones, muscle, tendons, ligaments all benefit (e g 88% injury reduction in ACL injuries among female soccer players)From Morgan Pillsbury in Athletic Lab:So what is the physiological basis of strength training to reduce injury? Resistance training provides dynamic loads on the joints, therefore creating physiological changes in the bone, muscle, and connective tissue (tendons and ligaments). Bone has an incredible ability to rebuild itself, so when a load is placed on bone, the bone is remodeled, increasing the bone density and therefore making the bone stronger. This decreases the chances of ..
Water makes up most of our body weight, and it can improve your health and fitness if you understand how it affects us in many ways.Here's a useful article on the topic.   Fluids, Hydration and Fitness..
Do one set each of these compound exercises - that's a circuitBench press (isolateral - independent arms)Squat and/or lungeWide grip barbell rowSquat or lungeClose grip pull-downDo 12 reps per set. Find a resistance level which lets you do 12 high-quality reps. Take about 5 secs per rep. Go faster on the stress end of the rep, longer on the relax end. Take 30-60 seconds between sets. You'll need it to change position and weights. That 5 sets is a Circuit. It should take around 8 minutes with changes and breaks.  Now, do three circuits. Including 30-60 second breaks between circu..