Strength Training Circuits Are A Great Way To Overall Fitness

Lose weight by cutting calories, and you’re likely to lose muscle as well. No good.  Strength training can counteract this.  In a well-known Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness study, (and other places) those who combined dieting with cardio exercise cut muscle loss in half.  Still not very good. But when participants combined dieting and strength training, all of the pounds lost were fat.  What’s more, the more muscle you have and the stronger your muscles are, the more benefits you’ll get beyond weight loss. You’ll develop a slimmer, firmer physique and have the energy to be more active.  It gets better than that.  You don't have to do strength training and cardio training - you can do strength training in a way that gives cardio gains at the same time, and not give up strength training gains. And strength is so very lose it continuously with a wide array of consequences. Note, if you like pure cardio - running, swimming, cycling; do that too. (For pure cardio benefits, cardio is still best) But strength for specific control of weight and fat, and for a wide array of other gains, is being shown to be more important than ever, and deserves placing at the centre of exercise plans..

Circuits are a workout style where you complete sets of exercises in fixed periods, and have rests between sets of a fixed period.  It's important a major proportion of the exercises are compound exercises, the big multi-joint moves like presses, squats, rows, pulls, because they bring the best results. 

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