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First, a Powertec Power Rack, in Industrial Yellow

Heavier (95 kg) and more stable than anything near its price.  The finish puts others to shame.  Extra-cost options galore, such as a Landmine Attachment, (actually free in this case) Multi-Grip Chin-up, a Height Extender,  Storage Horns, Rope and Band Rings and others.  It has padded safeties - won't scratch your bar.  Takes 450 kg loads. And certified by the heavy-duty  EU bureaucracy to their EN-957-1 standard for performance, so the load claims aren't a product of someone's imagination, and the steel's high-quality.  Strength's important, and it's a function of the rack's weight, and design.  Strong corner reinforcement is key.  Many cheap racks are lighter than the weight you're aiming to lift in the longer term, if not sooner. They can be unpleasant, and even dangerous.  More MORE ABOUT RACK QUALITY

Here's a 210 kg squat on a much older version of the rack. Also see the Power Rack and Lat Tower Videos with Lee Priest on the Tab above

  1. Second, The Lat Tower Option

    This gives you full upper- and lower- cable attachment, for powerful lat pull-downs and seated rows, and of course, a big variety of isolation exercises such as press-downs, shoulder raises at any angle, crunches, biceps curls to name a few.  What sets it apart from every other rack-attached lat tower is its independent structural support, and dual upright runners.  This makes it ultra smooth, and offers 180 kg loads. It's something you look forward to.  Everything else we see has a flimsy single-stranded item attached to the back of the rack.  The Lat Tower is black.

  2. Third - The Powertec Utility Bench

    You only need one bench for everything. This uses a new sealed-bearing driven roller system for forward-back movement, together with the back angle adjustment to provide a wide variety of positions, including decline, many incline and a true military press position.  45 cm height - low for heavy bench work. The bench is matt black.  Has wheels.  Also offers (as extras) heavy-duty pec flye, leg extension/curl (in picture #1) arm curl/preacher curl, and dip accessories, as seen below.

  3. Fourth - A Landmine Attachment

    By letting you place one end of an Olympic bar in a fixed spot, and put plates on the other, this device lets you take pushing, pulling and squatting movements into new angles, paths and grips - giving a broad range of new exercises. Your grip is closer to the weight; there's a different intensity to the effort; and the circular movement of a pivoting bar give you many more options for abs and core exercise.  These are just a few things.  No-one's counted the exercises the landmine offers.

    See the bottom video on the Videos tab above for some ideas of Landmine action..

The rack-bench-barbell combination permits the best combination of best strength training exercises.  Cable adds a lot more, and a big alternative in the feel of the movement, giving extra meaning to variety.  And the landmine adds a whole lot more in creative workouts.  Together they help you build a program or circuits to address any goal - strength, mass, cardio, weight loss, leanness - with endless variety.  (Better than any commercial gym)  And we haven't mentioned convenience and flexibility.

Quality, reputation and design - these are hallmarks of Powertec's business, earned over many years.  Check them out in major US online sites.  Many of our customers have trained before and have tired of cheap stuff, and the eventual grind of equipment that doesn't feel solid and nice to use.  They've have searched the web and found Powertec and Ironmaster, our two brands.  And this equipment doesn't break. 

Inclusions and Exclusions

This offer includes the Powertec Power Rack in  Industrial Yellow,  (with chin up bars,  dip handles, 1 pair of J-Hooks, 1 pair of Safety Bars);  the Lat Tower Option (with wide lat pull down bar, small flat triceps bar with revolving handles), and the Utility Bench, and the Landmine Attachment.  Offer doesn't include Olympic barbell, though we supply them, 700 lb bar at $165.00, or any other accessories or plates.  The leg extension in the main picture isn't included in the price.

Freight - freight's shown above according to general destination zone, which include major towns and cities in the North Island, and some in the South Island.  Freight doesn't include RD's, and we need to quote for many areas in the South Island.  We have to take care with freight costs; this is well into the 100's of kg and a big cubic palletized package, even flat-packed as it is.  Ask us questions using the Contact Form at top right.  Or phone!

Power Rack: L = 181 cm W = 125 cm H = 213 cm (with Lat Tower)  See also diagram among images on main page

Bench:  L = 132 cm W = 68 cm H = 45 cm

Primarily constructed with 2" and 3" steel tubing with a 12 gauge (2.5 mm) wall thickness. A durable baked on powder coat finish is applied to the frame. Bearings, aircraft cable, ball bearing reinforced pulleys, nylon precision bushings and spring pins are industrial grade for years of hard training. Nuts and bolts are high tensile strength to withstand heavy loads. Padding is industrial grade high density foam with double stitched upholstery.

Lifetime Warranty on structural frame (excludes paint). Two year warranty on components (bearings, locking pins, pulleys, cables, slide rods etc). One year warrant on pads, grips and other unspecified parts. The warranty is for the original purchaser and for domestic use. 

Heavy-Duty Power Rack With Cable Bench and Landmine Special,

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