The Powertec and Ironmaster Benefit

Powertec owns its own manufacturing.  This is uncommon.  Many brands don't.  They use short-term third-party factories who'll make something to a given spec.  Often, cheap as possible.  They then invent a brand that sounds famous.  Add big margins,  discount heavily, (always on sale!), make lots of unprovable claims and hype. After the promises, lots of legal small print. Not much small print with us.  (But then, we've had total single-digit  warranty claims in eight years, other than damage that occurred before it reached the customer) 

Powertec controls its own product development, and innovates. It doesn't build cheap, or buy in, to a bog-standard.  Who's likely to offer better real value?

Ironmaster is similar. Family company.  Been in business for 37 years.  Has had a partner relationship with a Taiwan contract manufacturer for 15 years.  It takes a strong, long-term partnership to truly figure out what's smart and valuable in a product, and how to build it superbly, at a price the market will pay. You don't create value long-term by frequently putting your product supply out to auction, which many vendors do.  Unless you're buying and selling a commodity.