(Real) Customer Comments

Everyone's over-surveyed these days.  And for what benefit?  We don't pester customers, after they've spent money,  But here's a small sample of customers who indicated their feelings, so we took them up!

AR, Gisborne

Hey Adrian, Power Rack and other gear arrived today (after another day of delays by XXX freight Co) and I’ve just finished setting everything  up. It is BEAUTIFUL. But in the box for the rack, there’s a small bottle of yellow liquid and I’m not exactly sure what that’s supposed to be for. I had a look through the instruction manual but I could find any mention of it. Do you know what it is?  (Answer: touch-up paint)

Dave J, Hamilton (Has bought just about everything we've sold, recently downsized)

Hi Adrian

Very sad to hear this. End of an era.I know I haven’t been as active in purchasing as I was, but that of course is the nature of high quality big ticket items - buy one and you’re done! I’m very glad to have enjoyed the combination of quality Powertec and Ironmaster products with your exemplary customer service. Just yesterday I was curiously looking over the Powertec and Ironmaster sites to see if there were any recent developments that might suit my downsized home gym. I know a time is coming that I will greatly miss F&L.Do you have any plans for another venture to keep yourself busy?Thanks for letting me know.

GavR, Cambridge; Powertec Multi Press and Lat Tower

I now have this set up - only took an hour or so to assemble the main gym, then another hour or two for the lat tower.  Before I purchased this I was a little apprehensive about how time consuming assembly would be (as I’m really busy with work), but delivery and assembly were very easy, much easier than I had anticipated.  I'm very impressed, it's certainly a solid piece of gear.  Working great, is exactly what I wanted.  It’s also very quiet, which is important as I have an oversensitive guard dog which barks at noises!  She doesn’t hear me training in the garage at all.

Thanks for your help, and the excellent communication from the outset to delivery updates and follow up.


G H, Medical Specialist, Auckland; Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells 72 kg (165 lb), and Kettlebells

This Ironmaster user has a pair of 165 lbs (72 kg) dumbbells, and a pair of kettlebell handles. His daughter, an experienced climber, also uses the kettlebells; in her case, to develop finger strength.  Why he chose Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells:

I chose them for several reasons. The first is I am a garage warrior and I didn’t have the space for a full set of dumbbells. I would’ve wanted a full set up to 50kg and this would have required too much floor space.

I reviewed several adjustable dumbbells and they all had drawbacks. Some were not able to go heavy enough. The Ironmasters went all the way up to 72kg. This allows for heavy Kroc rows, farmer’s walks, and shrugs. 

One brand seemed to trap your hand within the dumbbell, so it made it hard to drop them if you got into trouble. The Ironmaster is basically a normal dumbbell so you can ditch them if you get stuck.  Others seemed to be quite flimsy in their construction and didn’t look like they’d survive the rough and tough garage life. 

Some of the “twist to select” models were so long as to make them too hard to use. The Ironmaster was much more compact, as it’s basically a collection of interlocking steel plates. Their compactness is invaluable when doing a dumbbell bench press or overhead press. 


How have they stacked up?

In the decade I have used them they have never loosened/undone during use. Not once! I always check the twist lock prior to use but I know I can rely on them. They have survived being dropped on the gym floor (I know you’re not meant to).  Sadly, I have not reached the strength needed to exploit the heaviest levels. (But dreams are free) 

He also has a Powertec Power Rack and has moving dollies to carry his weights rack and plate trees, so they’re quickly movable and storable when finished with.  As well as plates, he makes use of ample chains as resistance.

H W, Wellington (Ironmaster Dumbbells, 34 kg, Super Bench, Chin and Dip Attachments, now adding 54 kg dumbbells upgrade, Straight Bar for dumbbells, Kettlebell handle to give him equivalent of 24 Kbs in one!)(to 36 kg)

My upgrade's all arrived and once again the design of the equipment is extremely well thought out, and build quality really is premium to say the least.i  The kettlebell handle's a work of art - and it's all packed so safely and well; really happy with it.  Customer service and communication has been outstandingWill buy more when I get more space.

T M, Tauranga, Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf

The Squat machine is awesome. More importantly the wife really loves it (having been the one who at first questioned why I needed it) For me it's a good supplement for my leg work outs

J G, Nelson, Powertec Power Rack, Ironmaster Super Bench and Attachments (Swapped an Olympic bar)

Happy with the bar and everything is going great, thanks!

M B, Kapiti, Ironmaster Super Bench and Attachments

Received the dip extension as well. Thanks for sorting it out.  The bench and the extensions are awesome.

S T, Te Kuiti, 54 kg Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell Set plus Kettlebell Handle

Just done set up. Feel really good, better then Powerblock but the change a bit slower; but they feel really nice. Very happy with the purchase.

Wesley, Wellington, has Powertec Power Rack, Lat Tower Option, Utility Bench, Powertec Leg Press, 54 kg (120 lb) Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Olympic bar, EZ Curl bar for Dumbbells

Very happy with the equipment. I shopped around before talking with Adrian. Both the Powertec and Ironmaster range he carries represents very good value for money, quality (well built) product and awesome customer service.

Roger, Howick, Ironmaster Super Bench, Chin Up Attachment, Cable Tower, Ironmaster 1500 Half Rack

The equipment is fantastic. The Rack is the perfect size for our garage. All assembled with easy to follow instructions. The hardest part is unwrapping everything. Ironmaster Super Bench shows no sign of wear after two years. (Purchased earlier)

E R, Otago, Powertec Rack and Lat Tower Option (Having had it for a year++, dropped us a line)

I bought a Powertec Rack and Lat Pull Down from you about a year ago. Have the room now and all set up and very impressed with great movement and pulleys and range in the cable pull.  Cage is strong and sturdy; happy customer, cheers.

Ben, Birkdale, Auckland, Ironmaster Dumbbells

Dumbbells are excellent.  Should last me a lifetime, hopefully.

Clint, Auckland; Powertec Leverage Gym and Pec Flye, Arm Curl

The hypertension/crunch looks like an awesome piece of equipment but it will have to wait for sometime. I am interested in getting one.  I am very happy with the Powertec equipment and enjoy my workouts. Now that I have learnt how to use the equipment properly I can feel the difference to the smith machine I had before. The Powertec targets the specific muscle group that you are working out really well.  I will be in touch when I am ready to purchase the hypertension/crunch equipment. 

A R, Gisborne, Ironmaster Super Bench, 54 kg Quick-Lock Dumbbells set, Chin Up attachment for bench

Goods just arrived. All looks to be in perfect order. Thanks for the smooth and easy purchase. 

(How did he choose?)

I found this on the web,finally Bodybuilding.com. Pretty much everyone there was recommending power racks and free weights, so I started going through their forums on which power racks to get and what brands are good. I tried searching for them in NZ, but about the only one we had from that list was the Powertec one you stock. So that lead me to your site. Our house is a bit too small and cluttered for a rack and barbell now, but I’ve been getting some good gains from dumbbell exercises for a few months and it was about time for me to move up in weight when I came across your iron masters and figured it would be best to get these now rather than spend hundreds/thousands of dollars going up in increments. So,I did some YouTubing and searching reviews on Bodybuilding.com and found these were well received pretty much across the board. Same story with the super bench. Here I am. 

Nick, Wellington, Powertec Power Rack, Landmine Attachment, Ironmaster Olympic Bar

Yes got my stuff thanks.  Really happy with rack, very sturdy and high quality. I'm glad I decided to spend a bit more than I had originally planned for a rack. The bar is great quality and landmine attachment will be useful once I learn some more exercises for it. I had a four month hiatus after quitting my gym when I moved house, so have just been easing back into it. Looking forward to getting back up to strength and passing my old progress. Will likely upgrade some other gear in the future so will keep your store in mind.Thanks for you help with my questions etc, really great customer service thanks.

Ed, Taihape, Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells (4 - 54 Kg Set)

Hey Adrian, just used the DB’s for the first time, great product and service so thanks a bunch! Have a great weekend.

MB, Auckland; Ironmaster Dumbbells, Super Bench, Crunch Sit Up

The equipment is great (and was super easy to set up)! I am already considering getting some of the other bench extensions.

Donny, Turangi, Ironmaster Super Bench, Crunch Sit Up 

Kia ora bro.

Yeah, they’re going great. Bench is surprisingly sturdy considering the design which is definitely unique.   Coupled with the crunch attachment it offers a lot of variety especially when one wants to increase the difficulty of sit ups / crunches since you can increase the incline of the bench to a rather acute angle.   I’m a happy half pai Maori boy with this purchase.  Oh yeah, and I’d like to mention that your business service (communication and quick delivery) is great. I think in the medical field they call it having a good “bed side manner”.

C Smith, Hamilton, Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells, 54 kg set
Excellent product. Good to be lifting dumbbells again.  Very impressed.

Alan, Hastings, Powertec Power Rack, Ironmaster Super Bench, Leg Extension/Curl Attachment

 All set up and working.  I love it all thanks, easy set up and all feels solid as.  All good so far and just had a good workout.  I will need to get the crunch sit up decline attachment for the bench at some stage hopefully. 
Leo, Auckland, Powertec Half Rack, Lat Tower Option, Utility Bench, Pec Flye, Leg Curl/Extension and Preacher Curl Accessories

It was not as hard I thought it would be, just took long as I had too many bits. Wanted to thank you again and attach a fully assembled unit photo for you of my pride and joy for years to come.


T P, Dunedin, Ironmaster 1500 Half Rack Weight-Lifting System

The 1500 unit has been easy to use, durable and its small footprint a boon in my basement. Has held up well to the knocks, though I am always pretty gentle with it. (No dropping weights or bars if at all possible.) Its had use several times a week for a few years and is still looking good. It's easy and quick to adjust, with a good range. It is stable in use. Shows no sign of stress under the loads I put it under ... Its also a good fit for me; I don't feel restricted while squatting or pressing unlike some other equipment I have used. I imagine it will last me a lifetime.

M W, Karaka, Ironmaster Super Bench, Cable Tower, Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Dip and Chin Accessories

(We had failed to send a bench seat, quickly fixed)

The other items are fantastic. To be honest, I was a little hesitant about the cost, however now I have seen and trialled the equipment, I am completely sold. The quality is fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

N B, Matamata, Powertec Basic Trainer

Serious bit of kit! Very well constructed and sturdy. I'm 110 kg, and there's no flex in it.

S D, Auckland, Ironmaster Super Bench

Thank you soo much. The bench is awesome its built so well it looks indestructible. I am so happy with the purchase. - Selwyn DSouza

GM, Nelson, Powertec Rack, Bench...

...about the Landmine Attachment - useful observations about this special tool

The Landmine Attachment is very easy and fast to use.  It parks up on the rack when not being used so doesn’t clutter the floor.  It can be used for so many ranges in movement.  I haven’t really experimented too much but I use it for lateral ab twist (Stand upright and swing the bar through an arc side to side.  You can add weight but if done correctly the weight of the bar is really enough.  I use it for lats and also squats, as it's very fast to switch from one to the other.  If you plan the work out around using the same weight you can go from exercise to exercise very efficiently.

It also allows you give attention to several muscles in the same instance, for example, doing one-arm bentover rows, you can contract the bicep at the top of the movement.  By changing the grip from under hand to over hand shifts the stress from one muscle group to another so can super set - simply by changing the grip - and get an amazing burn along with it. It also forces you to follow the arc of the movement, so no breaking form as you get tired.  And because of the angles you have available, there's value in slowing down with a lighter weight (or not) to concentrate.  (Like a dumbbell but different - FandL)

TB, Western Suburbs, Auckland, Powertec Power Rack

Finally put together the rack a few weeks ago. It is awesome! Love it to bits! Definitely looking at getting a few more bits and attachments now!

LV, South Auckland; Powertec Leg Sled

Am enjoying the leg sled very much.  How are you?  Hopefully il be getting some more equipment from you in the near future. Have a blessed day.

LC, East Coast Bays, Auckland; Powertec Multi Press and Lat Machine

These are both great, and would definitely recommend them and your service.

JW, Auckland, Ironmaster 2000, Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Super Bench, Options (has a new Ultimate Chin Up Bar)

The chin up bar is certainly bombproof - still working through how many handholds there are!  In fact, all of my Ironmaster kit continues to be one of the best investments I have ever made, in it’s design, and in that I've full confidence it will last longer than I can use it.

Nick, Christchurch - Ironmaster Super Bench

It's solid and nice to use.   I like the fact it’s a full bench without the uncomfortable gap you get from other benches, plus it’s very easily adaptable with the movable seat and many angles of operation. It’s a really nice design that gives you many options and it looks good, plus there’s all the attachments which makes it more than a bench, although I haven’t bought any of those yet. A lot of benches look over-engineered. The only minor complaint is it’s a bit high if I want to do things like hip thrusters or it might be a bit high for shorter people/teenagers. (FandL comment - bench height is 20 inches - higher than average.  Have added comment to product page, though it's in specs; for those, say, less than 5 feet 10 - 1.77 m - who want feet firmly planted when pressing flat, the Powertec Utility Bench may be better)

Peter, Waitakere, has Powertec Rack and accessories, Lat Tower Option, Ironmaster Super Bench, and Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells

I am very pleased with the home gym equipment I purchased from Fitness and Leisure. I recently changed address and getting to the gym after work was getting near on impossible with a young family. The solution: make my own home gym where I could train anytime; 24/7. I looked at various websites, but nothing really impressed me. I've been going to the gym for a very long time so I knew that I needed something robust, functional, and industrial. The Powertec Weight Rack and the Ironmaster bench provided what I needed. As you can see, I've added the Powertec Cabletower, but the weight rack and bench is all you need plus the weights of course.

I can't recommend Fitness and Leisure any more highly. Adrian's word is as good as English Oak and he knows his stock. The quality of the equipment is as good, if not better, than any high-end gym. You won't be disappointed.

Here's a picture: red accessories with black rack look good.



Darren M, Wellington, has loads of Ironmaster and Powertec equipment, just got some add-ons

The Ultimate Chin Up bar is great, really versatile and unlike any other chin up bar I've come across. I use it a lot, even for stretching. The fact that you're able to adjust the grip/handle spacing is what sold me on the product.
Really love all Ironmaster products especially all the attachment accessories you can add to the IM 2000.

There are three pictures of Darren's gym here. 

A M, Papatoetoe, Powertec Power Rack

The rack is great! I'm very pleased with the purchase. Also I think yellow makes the rack stand out a lot more.

H G, Camborne, Wellington (IM2000)

Ironmaster is awesome, cannot wait to order the (Ironmaster)dumbbell system then I'll be sorted.

J M, Havelock North, Powertec Multi Press

Machine arrived & assembled. Just what I wanted.

N H, Dunedin, Powertec Power Rack

(Public holiday shipping issues...much tracking effort)

..Not a problem, much appreciated. Best customer service I've ever experienced! 

J W, Mission Bay (Has a lot of Ironmaster equipment, recently ordered Quick Lock Dumbbells upgrade to 54 kg, were a bit late)

...arrived at 06:30 this morning. Everything in order and looking good. Just have to get strong enough to lift them. I have to say I really do love the Ironmaster gear.

 I C, Wellington, Powertec Power Rack

The rack arrived this afternoon with no issues. I got it put together no problem and I have to say that i'm very impressed with both the quality of the rack and the level of customer service. It's very much appreciated. I was expecting the power rack to be quite high quality given all the online praise that I'd read for it but the build quality isn't something you can appreciate until you've got your hands on it. Great stuff. Incidentally, i'm 99% sure that I won't have the space for it from looking at the pictures, but could you give me an idea of how much space i'd need to clear behind it to adequately use the lat pull down attachment with some 20 kg plates. I've also got plans for a new bench at some point so I'll be sure to get in touch when i'm needing it.  Thanks for such a great customer experience.

 LN, Papatoetoe, (Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf machine

Thank you very much for the awesome prompt delivery. Instructions to assemble the squat machine was easy and it's a great machine. Worth the money.

Tristan Marshall, Temuka  (Powertec Compact LeverGym, Olympic Bench, Attachments)

Hi Adrian sorry for the late reply. Goods turned up in excellent order,very happy with not only the goods but the whole transaction. It's a pleasure to deal with you and your service...outstanding! And thank you!

Stephen, Manukau (Powertec Half Rack, Utility Bench and Lat Tower Attachment on Utility Bench)

Hi Adrian,  just to say everything is going well, equipment is very strong and sturdy.  I should say that at my 186cm height the Lat Tower Attachment and the Leg Attachment both work well for me.

(Note from Fitness and Leisure) Most space-efficient lat towers are cheaply made, flimsy and close to useless.  This one takes big people with big ranges and 100++ kg lifts and pulls solidly)

Brian, Nelson, Ironmaster Super Bench and attachments

Hi Adrian, loving the Super Bench.  I'd like to order  the Crunch Sit Up attachment and wondering if you also stock replacement pads for the leg extension attachment.  And no I haven't worn them out already:-)   I'm converting an old bench for doing hyper extension and need pads for my ankles. Later: Hi ...foam rollers are perfect.  Transferred payment last night.  Thanks very much.  Awesome to deal with.

Jeffrey, Tauranga; Powertec Basic Trainer

Got the Powertec setup last night and all is well, this thing is a beast. Globe Gripz snap on to the dip handles, push up handles, and pull up bars so worked out well. Can you reply with an invoice and I will arrange a bank transfer to pay for them. Thanks for sending them out to try, now I just need some actual grip strength to hold on to them. :)  

...Was just saying to my wife that you have provided the most responsive service oriented experience I have had in NZ since arriving here 3 years ago. Cant tell you how many times I was interested in buying a product or service and I end up chasing the company around calling, emailing, etc., trying to get them to send me an invoice or the product itself!

Has been a pleasure buying the gear from you.  Just initiated payment for the GlobeGripz.

 A P, Dunedin; Ironmaster 1500 Weight Lifting System, Super Bench, HyperCore Attachment

They arrived Friday afternoon as expected.  Assembled same day with no problems.  Amusingly your advice was similar to what I tell some of our customers :-)  Found it easy enough to do myself , but I'm used to doing things solo.  The equipment fits nicely in my basement gym and is a huge step up from what I've been using. Thanks for your prompt communication and service. 

 Everything has been great , from the initial search on the website to my first use of the items today. 

 Sebastian McIntosh, North Shore; Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells, Super Bench

Thanks very much for the maintenance advice, I'll be sure to implement the tips to ensure the equipment last a lifetime. I'm very happy all round, both the iron master quick-lock dumbbells and the iron master super bench surpass my expectations in both quality and useability. Also thank you for your wonderful service and the prompt delivery. I'll be in touch in the not too distant future in regards to some attachments for the iron master super bench. Feel free to use this email as a referral should you ever require one.
 J G, Papakura; Powertec Power Rack, Utility Bench, Bar, Plates etc

Very happy with it! collars are very nice. The black cap thing of mine had Powertec on it but that's fine.  Your customer service is by far the best out there.

I know you only sell plates in packages but can I get extra 2x 20kg plates in future? I can pick them up.
(This man's past experience included a rack that "grenaded" under load.  Was lucky he wasn't hurt.  (Was a cheap rack.  Website price had lots of $ crossings-out and multiple exclamation marks; always a risk)
 Warren Hart, Featherston, upgrade of Ironmaster kit inc 54 kg adjustable dumbbells
Hi Adrian, yes everything is as expected, top quality and awesome, they did call (ahead), am back in the gym twice a day as of Monday.
 Isaac, Manukau, Globe Gripz Grip Strength Attachment
I've had shoulder problems for quite a while now which has hindered my military/bench press, which to be honest really sucked. Who would have thought that two little blue balls could have changed this so dramatically?! Not only is my shoulder pain gone, but my motion is much more smooth and natural.
Obviously, I couldn't wait until arm day and, as I hoped - my forearms were toast after the first few sets.  In summary, my expectations have definitely been met and I highly recommend Globe Gripz to anyone serious about gyming or experiencing related discomfort when performing exercises.
 Will, Te Kuiti, Powertec Squat/Calf Machine
Got back from overseas four days ago. First thing I did was assemble the Leverage Squat/Lunge/Calf Machine, and gave it a Test Run...... What a BLOODY BRILLIANT Bit of Kit!!!!!
Just finished my second Leg Workout for the body's rotation.
 In a World of Hurt (but the good pain). This product is Definitely going to be Highly Recommended!  Thanks a lot for the Great Product, Quick delivery and Great Customer Service (follow up email, to check on progress).
 Hope you and your team have a Great Week.
 Darren, Wellington, Powertec Multi System
Good morning Adrian,  I fitted the retrofit part to the Powertec Work Bench last night.
It (the lat pull-down) is superb and has a much greater range of motion now :-)

I am very, very happy with the Powertec multi gym....thanks again for alerting me and sending the part through so promptly. I wish other companies had your commitment to customer service :-)
JW, New Plymouth, Powertec Leverage Gym
The gym went up smoothly yesterday no problems at all , the instructions were spot on, haven't tried it out yet will have a go today, I've got to say that the quality is outstanding, much better than I hope for, as I said before I will be getting the leg extension next and then the preacher curl.
Once again thanks for everything you done and I will be spreading the word....Cheers

Harry, Dannemora, Auckland, Powertec Multi Press and Lat Tower Accessory

Hi. I'm loving the Multi Press and the Lat Tower. It does its job and takes up no space at all. Smooth and sturdy. Perfect piece of equipment, thank you. (Here they are:  Multi Press and Lat Tower)


Patrick, Wellington (Bought several racks from a competitor, not very good, replaced them quickly with Powertec Racks)

Just want to send you a quick note and say how appreciative we are of your service. The racks are here already and we weren't expecting them until next week at the earliest. And the product is just as you said it would be.


Pat, New Plymouth, Powertec Power Rack

Thank you for providing the power rack and for the excellent communication.  I put the rack up yesterday and it all went smoothly.  Thanks again for all your assistance. 


DR, Auckland, major Ironmaster additions including Cable Tower
Thanks for the follow up call today. Everything arrived in sound condition and I'll be setting it up this weekend. If I have any issues with assembly I'll email you.   Thanks for showing such great customer service,
Review of the Ironmaster Cable Tower, by Dave J, Waikato, who already has the a Powertec Cable Gym (and lots of other items from us and others).

Despite the fact that I have (and really like) the Powertec Shape system, I wanted to get a dedicated lat pulldown and low row station for heavy pulling exercises.  When Adrian offered to source the V2 upgrade for the Ironmaster cable tower, I decided to go for it. The V2 upgrade means I can switch between lat pulldowns and low rows without changing the cable.  The tower came packaged like any other Ironmaster product - superbly. The instructions were adequate and I didn't find it too difficult to assemble.

The tower is heavy, but easily maneuverable with its wheels. I find it is easier to move the tower into the desired spot, then bring the bench to the tower.  Assembly was straightforward following the instructions. After spraying some silicon spray (as recommended by Ironmaster), the carriage glides smoothly, and I have had no issues with either light or heavy weight.  Bear in mind that the low row and pulldown functions are on opposite sides of the tower to allow for the Super Bench to attach - as a result the system does take up a significant amount of space length-wise when in use.

The real benefit of the Ironmaster tower is the limited amount of floor space it takes up when not in use. You can detach the tower and roll it out of the way into an otherwise unused corner of your gym space. You can even store the Ironmaster bench on its end next to the tower and the whole system takes up around 1000x500mm.  While the tower must be used with the Super Bench for stability, it does support its own weight. This is handy for storing the tower when not in use, and means that it is all the more sturdy when in use.  


Mobin Kuddus, Manukau City; Powertec Leverage Gym, with plates package, Leg Extension and Assembly

Thanks for getting everything sorted out so quickly.  The machine's great.  I'm sure I'll be talking to friends about it.


 WT, Coromandel; Powertec Multi System

Hey how u bn? Yea absolutely luv it does evrythng I wnt & mor thnx myt hav a look at extras soon it took me round 7 1/2 hrs 2 put together a workout n itself thnx once again


H M, Waitakere City; Powertec HyperExtension/Crunch

The Hyper-extension bench is great!!!  It took the time off over Xmas to get it out of the box and put together. It's up and in use, it looks built to last.  Thanks for the item and great service.

Brendon Blanchard; Taranaki, Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells (120 lb/54 kg set)

Thanks for the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells.  As and adjustable weight, every time I use this product, I'm amazed at the ease of weight change, and feel of the product. The weights remain tight and have perfect balance, and because the weights literally go inside one another, the overall size remains small. Many thanks again for a quality product that now takes pride of place in my home gym.


Richard, Papatoetoe; Powertec Multi Press

Hi - Sorry for the late reply yes it did arrive about 12:20pm.  I was down in the gym putting it together had a quick try out and I am very impressed with this machine. Its all good, can't wait to jam on it tonight with my PT partner. Thank you for all your help


Dave, Ngaruawahia (Bought a Powertec Commercial Rack...680 KG capacity)

(The rack) arrived this afternoon  thanks. It really is a beast in the best possible way. I'm really pleased.


Jared H, Auckland, Heavy Lifter; Powertec Power Rack and Ironmaster Super Bench, Crunch Sit Up Attachment

This is bloody good. Very happy with the whole set up. Thanks for your help. Solid gear.


Daniel, Torbay, Power Rack, Lat Tower, Utility Bench

Hi Adrian,


I am still loving my Powertec gym I bought from you a last year J


I am wondering if you can tell me if you are able to get a couple of the accessories for it though and what the price on each would be? The accessories I am after are:




Reuben, Dargaville, Powertec Power Rack

I am pleasantly surprised at the strength and quality of the Powertec Power Rack. It's definitely worth the money. It will suit experienced power lifters. The power rack is a must if you want to train heavy at home.