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The best strength-building can be done at home.

We don't believe there's enough high quality strength-building equipment for the people who want to exercise at home, or in small private groups.  And because of pressures of time, the costs and inconvenience of commercial gyms, this part of the market grows rapidly.  People increasingly believe that exercise time can be a private space for personal relaxation, peace, and alternative focus. Home can be a great place for that.

Do the best exercises properly.

It's not just a matter of equipment.   If you're going to build strength, do the best strength-building stuff.  There isn't much equipment out there that permits higher-quality, more effective strength-building - that is, compound exercises, which use complete muscle groups, and free weight and body-weight exercises, whose nature is also compound exercises, and which work the way the body does in everyday movement.   Many home gyms focus on isolation exercises, and depend on cable driven movements for pressing exercises; hopeless. (Cable is good for major pulling exercises though).   Because they avoid any clever design, and expense of smart geometry, a bearing or two, heavier steel and a quality finish, they can put their products out to tender for manufacturer every now and then.  It makes them cheap,  and supported with meaningless hype and self-congratulation.  They're often next to useless for serious strength building. Or getting leaner.  Or getting the cardio blast and blood-pumping gains that interval training with strength equipment can give. See Do It All With Circuits.

Use equipment that does the best exercises, and equipment that's strong itself, so the activity is satisfying.  (Cheap, light stuff can be the opposite)

We looked hard for, and found equipment that not only did the best exercises for serious strength-builders, but also offered a level of design, robustness and innovation that makes for the best results and enjoyable experiences,  with real exercise variety in a space-efficient way.  That's what we found with Powertec and Ironmaster; US companies with excellent reputations built over a long time, and tested in the toughest markets.  Often the way we're found is by experienced local strength trainers searching those brands overseas.

All 2016 and later Powertec products have European Union 957-2 standard testing approval.  Very few similar products in NZ offer this. It means they've passed extensive safety, assembly, documentation standards, and most importantly have undergone independent, high-cycle-testing at the loads claimed by the maker. Powertec (and Ironmaster) products are over-engineered for most loads. This translates directly to being much nicer to use. Which means you'll use it more often and get more done.  Many other products seem to have nothing more than the salesperson's imagination to support their capacity claims.

With our information pages at Strength01.Blog we have plenty of information from all sorts of sources. It offers ideas, guidance and exercise variety.

Fitness and Leisure is owned by Adrian Foster, who previously had a productive 30 year career in information technology.  (He finds it easier to make customers happy in this business)

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