The landmine might be the best piece of equipment you've never had the chance to use...(says They're talking about a barbell that's been shoved into a corner or sleeved in a tough attachment anchored to the ground, then weighted on the opposite end. In this case, the device that holds the end of the barbell (Olympic or standard) is attached to the rack.  (Good thing its a sturdy rack)  From The landmine treads the line between free weights and a fixed-plane machine. It allows freedom to move outside pre-set action lines, but not enough that you lose control or overload the weight. Having one end fixed to the floor provides more of an arching movement versus a linear movement, which is beneficial for training shoulders, hips, and trunk muscles. There are plenty of excellent videos on YouTube showing what you can do. A weapon of mass construction!  And holding the Olympic barbell sleeve for all this work will build a stronger grip quickly.  Strong grip means bigger lifts.  And the Landmine Attachment also has a standard barbell adapter. 

Offers good bar storage when not in use.

Here's a comment from a Nelson customer:

The Landmine Attachment is very easy and fast to use.  It parks up on the rack when not being used so doesn’t clutter the floor.  It can be used for so many ranges in movement.  I haven’t really experimented too much but I use it for lateral ab twist (Stand upright and swing the bar through an arc side to side.  You can add weight but if done correctly the weight of the bar is really enough.  I use it for lats and also squats, as it's very fast to switch from one to the other.  If you plan the work out around using the same weight you can go from exercise to exercise very efficiently.

It also allows you give attention to several muscles in the same instance, for example, doing one-arm bentover rows, you can contract the bicep at the top of the movement.  By changing the grip from under hand to over hand shifts the stress from one muscle group to another so can super set - simply by changing the grip - and get an amazing burn along with it. It also forces you to follow the arc of the movement, so no breaking form as you get tired.  And because of the angles you have available, there's value in slowing down with a lighter weight (or not) to concentrate.  (Like a dumbbell but different - FandL)

So it's great for cardio-oriented action as well, which means it can be part of mighty circuits.

What you can do with an Olympic bar and a Landmine Attachment (There are lots on

Powertec Landmine Attachment

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