Ironmaster has produced a fantastic attachment for their flagship machine, one that does what no other chin up station can. The crossbar easily attaches to the top front of the machine. The two multi grip handles are fully adjustable in width and also have four different grips each so you can always find the perfect position...wide grip angled, wide grip straight bar, close grip, neutral grip, close easy grip, the list goes on.  It is also great for hanging off to perform hip flexor and abdominal exercises. 

It's made of chrome heavy duty steel, with knurled 1.25" diameter grips in four angles per side. Weight capacity is rated at 300 lbs - that's 136 kg.  The cross bar is 46" wide allowing for maximum of 54" grip width. The attachment increases the height of your machine to 87".  It's recommended for 8 foot ceilings for head clearance. 

Only available on the IM2000 Self-Spotting machine.

14 kgs - solid; takes a 350 lb/158 kg user weight.

Ironmaster offers a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for their benches, machines and optional attachments. The pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.

Ultimate Chin Up Attachment for IM2000

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