Circuits on a Leverage Gym

Do one set each of these compound exercises - that's a circuit

  • Bench press (isolateral - independent arms)
  • Squat and/or lunge
  • Wide grip barbell row
  • Squat or lunge
  • Close grip pull-down

Do 12 reps per set. Find a resistance level which lets you do 12 high-quality reps. Take about 5 secs per rep. Go faster on the stress end of the rep, longer on the relax end. Take 30-60 seconds between sets. You'll need it to change position and weights. 

That 5 sets is a Circuit. It should take around 8 minutes with changes and breaks.  Now, do three circuits. Including 30-60 second breaks between circuits; it should take 24 minutes total.

Precise times aren't important.  Establish a pace, a relaxed rhythm, and perform reps with high-quality form. If you're healthy and haven't trained with weights before, 60-second breaks are where to start. Too tough?  Make it 90 seconds; you'll get ahead a bit later.  Starting out, leave two days between sessions for a week then move to one day's rest between sessions. This plan will build strength and bring cardio benefits.  After 2-4 weeks you can start to change emphasis - more reps, lighter or the same reps if you're stronger, and shorter rests will improve cardio and strength capacity.  Increasing weights, longer rests, will emphasise strength more.

On a Leverage Gym, there are many other exercises to switch to for variety - see Circuit 2 below, and the overall list of Leverage Gym exercises at bottom.

Isolation exercises - those for smaller muscles, should be added to the tail of the workout. Two-three sets each
It's wise also to follow one exercise with another that rests and counters the direction of the first. For instance, follow a press with a row, or a pull-down, or an upper-body compound movement with a lower body exercise. In fact that's what's in the circuit above. Called super-setting, this balances stresses, and gives one muscle group rest while another is worked.

Circuit 2

Incline (barbell-style) press
Squat and/or lunge
Isolateral bent over row
Squat and/or lunge
High-to-low-wood chop

Full exercise List, excluding Leg Lift/Curl, Dip, Pec Flye and Curl Machine Accessories

Squats                           Flat Bench Press                         Low Cable Row                                    Triceps Kick Back
Lunges                          Incline Press                                Overhand Pull-Down                          Front Lateral Raise
                                       Close Grip Bench Press             Underhand Pull-Down                       High and Low Cable Biceps Curl
                                       Decline Bench Press                   Close and Wide Grip Push Down
                                                                                              Shrug                                                    Side and Rear Shoulder Raise
                                        Shoulder Press                           Bent Over Row                                     Low-to-High, High-to-Low Wood Chop                           
                                        Isolateral Versions of above     Isolateral version of above      
                                                                                               Upright Rows(cable)
                                                                                               Over and Underhand Push Down
                                                                                               Wide Grip Rows

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