Strength-Training Tools and Features

There's a wide variety of strength tools available for use at home - starting with your own body's weight and there's a ton of information about that on the web and YouTube particularly.  And though body weight is far from a complete answer - much of it isn't fun and worse, many body weight exercises can be hard to do.  Great to have some in the mix if you can do it; and that's the thing - variety.  Variety's good for your brain, just making things interesting, but it's even better for its effect in training results.  The body was built for all sorts of stuff to happen to it, and its profound ability to adapt needs exercising.

This section gives something of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities offered by different types of strength training tool.

How do you 'lift weights' for your lungs? The answer is a hand-held device known as an 'inspiratory muscle training device'. You hold it to your mouth and it provides resistance to airflow, making you breathe in and out with more force. The sensation has been described as “sucking hard through a straw which sucks back”.During early use in patients with lung diseases, patients performed a 30-minute, low-resistance regimen daily to boost their lung capacity.But in 2016, University of Arizona researchers published results from a trial to see if just 30 inhalations per day with greater resist..
                                            Leverage MachinesMulti-function leverage machines have evolved over the past twenty years for home-use gyms, having been developed earlier for commercial gyms, where they generally performed one operation per machine.  They've been shown to produce accelerated gains in muscular strength and other benefits in resistance training.  The designer's first step was to choose the most effective free weight training exercises. A frame-..
A Wider View Of Smith Machines' Effectiveness
Smith machines, or "self-spotting machines" provide a lifting bar that moves on vertical rails and permits you to "rack" the bar or stop the lift at any point.  Some trainers assert that these machines are no good for training because the straight-up-and-down, or vertical plane of movement doesn't reflect natural body movement, and that the device removes the need to use other muscles and tendons for stabilsation and balance, causing problems of development..This article, by a serious competitive lifter, brings wider understanding to the topic. Are Smith Machines Bad?..
                                                 Perspectives and Choices - Power Rack and Leverage GymA rack is the classic strength training tool. With a barbell and plates, and safety bars that can catch a loaded bar you can’t handle, it permits the major compound exercises – presses (with a bench), dead lifts, squats, and with many variations. Add-on features (sometimes included) are chin up bars, and dip bars, which can be used for assisted press-ups, and inverted..
About Olympic Bars
There's a wide range of views about lifting bars, Olympic bars particularly. For some folk, they're a ho-hum matter of just getting something that does what they think is a basic job. With others, there's a broad scope of refinement and a clutch of big benefits to be understood and gained.  So much so, it can be a major topic in itself to many trainers. We thought we'd ask a well-qualified customer to give us a broad basic training view of  the major aspects of Olympic bars.  A kind of start-up primer for people getting into it. Dave Jordan is an important customer and turn..
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