Training and The Central Nervous System

Just as you would warm up your muscles with increased blood flow, you can - and should, if you're looking for best results  - warm up your brain-muscle connections as well.  

The process of firing up these connections is called Post-Activation Potentiation. (PAP) The definition:  PAP occurs when you precede a heavy lift movement with a fast or explosive similar movement through the same plane.  Do a few box jumps and partial and/or light squats before serious squats.  It works in reverse.  If you a sprint athlete or basket ball player, do a few heavy reps of a squat, say, and you can follow them with more explosive movements.  Likewise bench presses for a shot-putter.

Activate Your Central Nervous System for Optimal Performance

This is more extensive...

Brain Over Brawn - CNS Training

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