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Check these out, link below.  Excellent for fast-paced circuits! The most versatile strength tool there is.This has a download button for exercise pictures as well...
                                                 Perspectives and Choices - Power Rack and Leverage GymA rack is the classic strength training tool. With a barbell and plates, and safety bars that can catch a loaded bar you can’t handle, it permits the major compound exercises – presses (with a bench), dead lifts, squats, and with many variations. Add-on features (sometimes included) are chin up bars, and dip bars, which can be used for assisted press-ups, and inverted..
The Best Way To Get Quality Exercise At Home
Finding a real solution isn't easy. But solutions are there, and can let you get much more done, more often, more effectively, with better results. Let's assume you want a combination (you choose the emphasis) of strength gain, leanness, and cardio gains.  It's best to base a workout on compound exercises, which use multiple joints. They get it done thoroughly, in a way that fits naturally how you live and function. (There's plenty more you can add for variety, balance, agility, and looks - more on that later) Things like a medicine ball, rubber bands and a treadmill won't do much. The..
                                            Leverage Machines Multi-function leverage machines have evolved over the past twenty years for home-use gyms, having been developed earlier for commercial gyms, where they generally performed one operation per machine.  They've been shown to produce accelerated gains in muscular strength and other benefits in resistance training.  The designer's first step was to choose the most effective free weight training exercises. A frame-..
Strength training, traditionally favoured by body builders seeking to bulk up, has become the go-to regimen for athletes, weekend warriors and exercise enthusiasts determined to slim down.- says Nick Tumminello, a strength trainer with a big-following website. He believes strength training should be the primary form of exercise for everyone except beginners.Read more: Strength Training Gets a Makeover..
The Landmine Attachment.  You’re Not Making the Most of This.
What It IsA piece of equipment into which you place one end of an Olympic bar, enabling the trainer to put weights on the other end – which you can grasp with one or both hands to perform all sorts of new and powerful training movements.It usually attaches to the bottom of a power rack; this makes the end immovable and stable (unless it’s a flimsy rack) You put one end of the barbell in the landmine, weight plates on the other end - which pivots through 360 degrees - and using one or both hands, you perform all sorts of entirely new exercises. The landmine latches upright to the rack when not ..
Dumbbells for Legs Strength Training
Dumbbells are occasionally underrated as a tool for leg strength development. They should not be!  To start with, you do not need the space that you do for a barbell and rack arrangement.  (We refer Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells here, which take up a fraction of the space regular dumbbells do)Second there can be less risk of injury in an overload situation - and greater convenience - in being able to drop the dumbbells; and a barbell on the shoulders can be umcomfortable at the best of times. And while having a heavy load sitting on the rack means it is quick to get into the l..
About Olympic Bars
There's a wide range of views about lifting bars, Olympic bars particularly. For some folk, they're a ho-hum matter of just getting something that does what they think is a basic job. With others, there's a broad scope of refinement and a clutch of big benefits to be understood and gained.  So much so, it can be a major topic in itself to many trainers. We thought we'd ask a well-qualified customer to give us a broad basic training view of  the major aspects of Olympic bars.  A kind of start-up primer for people getting into it. Dave Jordan is an important customer and turn..
They require you to pause at the bottom, let you go further because you know the box is there; are adjustable…each brings more power.  Good article from Muscle and Fitness...
Ironmaster Super Bench is super for shoulders...how?
With 11 lockout angles – Inclines, Declines, Flat and Upright: 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees you have a special level of flexibility. If you can bench press 50kg and shoulder press 25kg, shift the bench to a slight angle, say 5% and do the (almost) flat bench press. Then successively increase the angle over a few weeks and pretty soon you’ll have much more powerful shoulders.Much more difficult with other benches, most of which have many fewer angles.  (Here's the Super Bench)..
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