Articles from February 2014

This article makes good points about exercise and fat loss. Found it on Burned During Exercise are “Meaningless”By Tony Schober, CPTHow many calories do you burn during your workout? How many calories do you burn when you’re not working out? Depending on what you do for exercise, you could be burning 5-10 times as many calories at rest than when you are working out.You Burn the Majority of Calories at RestMost people burn about 100 calories for every mile they run. Whether you weight train, swim, run, or play sports, you probably burn anywhere from 200-500 calories (m..
Barbell movements are by their nature, bilateral movements – they use both limbs at the same time. In fact, most compound exercises are done this way – think of presses, squats and dead lift variations. There’s a place, however, for bilateral movements done unilaterally – one limb at a time, using, say, single dumbbell presses, single leg squats. Muscle groups can develop differently with unilateral exercise, and you end up with overall imbalances in strength and nature of a movement. Independent training can therefore be a good idea, to bring them closer to uniformity and equality. Conversely..
(By Mark Rippetoe; author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, Practical Programming for Strength Training,  Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity, and many other magazine and internet articles)When you consult a medical professional about exercise, the standard recommendation amounts to a prescription for a certain number of minutes per day or per week. The conventional wisdom equates “exercise” with “cardio” — endurance exercise performed at a low to moderate intensity for a continuous period of time. We call it LSD (long, slow distance). The assumption seems to be that as long as your heart is..
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