Articles from February 2016

Want to be stronger?  Or bigger?   There are different ways to do each.  From it here:  The Basics Of Training For Size or StrengthAnother perspective: What's The Difference Between Size and Strength Training?..
A cyclist with huge quadriceps power can be out-sprinted by someone with much lesser thighs. Strength training can help make your muscles outperform those of someone who’s naturally stronger (or perhaps who started to train much earlier) because your muscles have developed a better brain-muscle connection, improving the way muscles work together. Long before you see added muscle, (from strength training) the neuro-muscular connection is already improving. And it’s the strength training that does it. Not the riding for hours. Science on brain-muscle interaction at a molecular level is showing i..
About Olympic Bars
There's a wide range of views about lifting bars, Olympic bars particularly. For some folk, they're a ho-hum matter of just getting something that does what they think is a basic job. With others, there's a broad scope of refinement and a clutch of big benefits to be understood and gained.  So much so, it can be a major topic in itself to many trainers. We thought we'd ask a well-qualified customer to give us a broad basic training view of  the major aspects of Olympic bars.  A kind of start-up primer for people getting into it. Dave Jordan is an important customer and turn..
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