Articles from January 2017

The Body's Energy Systems
Various forms of phosphate provide the raw energy sources for immediate use in our muscle. (Phosphagen is a general term used for the process of phosphate energy-making) The high energy compound is adenosine triphosphate, sometimes referred to as ATP.  It kicks in instantly.  But there's not much of it...we use it up in a few ten second bursts, such as a heavy lift or leaping out of the way of a charging elephant, in terms of daily energy expense.For energy needs that aren't so instant and intense, there's glycolysis, the use of stored glucose in muscle and liver, to rapidly generate..
The Benefits and Technique of the Reverse Grip Bench Press
                                                            Bigger weights on the bench press can eventually bring problems of wear and pain in shoulders and elbows.  A way around it, and avoiding it, can be the reverse grip bench press.More on how to do it in an article from Muscle and Strength Mag..
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