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Circuits are a good way to use training time effectively.  Super sets are a good way to move things along.  This is where you perform a set of say, presses, and follow them immediately with rows.  You can get right into them because they're've been using the opposing muscle group. It's also the case with squats and leg curls,  triceps press-downs and biceps curls (or close-grip pull-downs; in fact it's easy to think of all sorts of variations where each move has a reasonable opposing exercise. And it can be refreshing to follow an unfavoured exercise with a fav..
There are many ways to organise your training schedule to get efficiencies, variation and productivity in your workout.  Most of them concentrate on techniques that emphasise pure strength and mass so they're oriented mainly to regular workouts, as opposed to circuit-style, at-a-pace workouts.  But it's good to be aware of the variety that counting down your reps can bring, whatever your approach.How they work:  rather than basing a set on a weight of X and performing 12 high-quality reps for 3 sets, say, you might go for the same weight and do 12, 11, 10, 9, reps per s..
Compound exercises use multiple joints and muscle groups. These are the major common compound exercises. PressesThere are many variations of presses, typically and mainly using either barbells or dumbbells.  They can be done on the flat, or in many incline or decline angles.  They principally use the chest muscles (pectorals) but also use shoulder and triceps muscles. Overhead Press, or Military PressA different type of press, performed without depending on a support, such as a bench(just a seat) it makes the shoulder complex work together.  Done standing, it..
                                                      A time-driven, circuit program can kick you into gear - or a life change - with a planned, steady pace of achievement.  Like this: Choose some serious strength exercises. Compound exercises - the multi-joint movements - are best to put at the heart of a strength training plan, whatever your goals. And depending how you design your circuit, you get cardio as well.  An..
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