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Do one set each of these compound exercises - that's a circuitBench press (isolateral - independent arms)Squat and/or lungeWide grip barbell rowSquat or lungeClose grip pull-downDo 12 reps per set. Find a resistance level which lets you do 12 high-quality reps. Take about 5 secs per rep. Go faster on the stress end of the rep, longer on the relax end. Take 30-60 seconds between sets. You'll need it to change position and weights. That 5 sets is a Circuit. It should take around 8 minutes with changes and breaks.  Now, do three circuits. Including 30-60 second breaks between circu..
With the right tools, and the right plan, you can make a big difference to your quality of life.  It's important to take it seriously.The stronger live longer, and better.  In conversations about retirement and later life, money often dominates.  But health and fitness are just as important. Your physical state can make the big difference to life quality. It can also benefit your finances.Better health can mean freedom from pain and an inhibited lifestyle. Strength and fitness play a big part - they mean power, control, balance, agility and vitality,  bringing function..
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