Core Muscle Strength

The Back Hyper Extension Exercise
Four out of five people suffer serious back pain at some stage of their lives. The hyperextension exercise is one exercise that can build lower back strength in a way that helps avoid this. There are right ways and wrong ways, and Powertec has a very popular machine to help you do it properly. Lets you do hyperextensions at many angles, including the standard 45 and 90 degree. It also permits perfect crunches, and has lots of adjustability in footplates, rollers and pads to suit any body shape positioning. There’s a weight limit of 225 kg!Here’s Powertec’s unit, available at Fitness and Leisur..
Your core muscles are those which control and stabilize your lower back, abdomen and hips.  They are the core of all strength and power movements, as well as the core muscular connection between your upper and lower body, and have become the focus of increased attention over recent years because of their pivotal relationship with effective performance of other major muscle groups, and the way they provide a powerful foundation for effective achievement in many sports and other functional areas.  A weak core muscle group increases injury and illness risk as well as reduced functional ..
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