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How Healthy Is Resistance Training?
This question was posed to a coach, Darren Beattie, on, where he has thousands of followers, presumably built up through the insight shown in his answers to questions on the site.  He gives a comprehensive answer to a question that's not asked often enough.Darren's response:I’d argue that it’s ‘healthier’ than almost any other kind of exercise for the following reasons:It optimises the brain- body connection for better response and performance.It has very low injury potential relative to many typically chaotic and unpredictable sports It offers very low injury volume r..
Isolateral Exercises and Their Benefits
Strength equipment suppliers sometimes offer items with isolateral function – the facility to let you use arms or legs independently. Let’s look at some benefits.Many exercises – bench presses are typical – use both limbs in unison. This is called bilateral training. The reality is that in most training programs, the majority of exercises focus on movements which emphasise this pattern, which can often result in the stronger limb taking up more of the workload than the other, and you might well not notice this. Although we might expect each limb to develop uniformly, for various reasons they d..
Don’t Go To Failure
You don’t have to go to failure to get strength gains – in other words have to put so much into your last lift that you have to drop it.  This piece of an article on Quora (; needs registration), by Darren Beattie, a coach, explains why. “I generally tell people to stop when they’ve reached technical failure. Meaning stop, when your form starts to go, even if you think you can hit a few more reps.Why?It reduces the likelihood of injury.Improves motor unit performance (when you train to absolute failure your last 2-3 reps will be executed poorly, which means your nervous syst..
Aerobic exercise is what most people associate with weight loss and improved health.  However, strength training is an activity that can make you fit, improve your cardiovascular system, help you lose weight, and make you look better at the same time.  In fact, it has a place of its own in just about anyone’s exercise plan.1. It helps you lose weight more easily Since muscle is active tissue (unlike fat, which is inert), it requires energy to maintain. The more muscle you have, the more you can eat without gaining weight. Strength training can provide up to a 15% increase in met..
Lifting Lighter Weights Can Be As Effective As Lifting Heavier
Traditional weight training style - for real growth in strength - has been to have us ascertain our 1 -rep maximum, and then have us gradually build to lifting eight or more of that weight with good form. We've known for some time that this is not the only way.  It's just as effective lifting a lighter weight for a greater number of repetitions.  The main thing is to tire the muscle.  The theme of this approach has been around for a while; the idea of time-under-tension being the critical thing rather than absolute weight, has long been promoted.  But this study from t..
(This is from Ben Radding at Men’ rotator cuff is important (and injuring it means a long recovery), so learn how to keep it safe when you lift.Unlike some sports injuries, you don’t need to suffer one big blow to do serious damage to your shoulders. Stressing this part of the body every time you hit the gym is enough to break down soft tissue over time, and cause the type of intense pain that keeps you off the bench for weeks. But don’t get scared and stop lifting, just lift smarter. We asked CJ Murphy, trainer and owner of Total Performance Sports, for his advice on avoiding..
While the secret to successful aging might still elude researchers, new evidence suggests that clinicians can, at least, predict patients that will stay stronger longer.A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) is a review and meta-analysis of 33 observational studies that evaluated the association between objective measures of physical capabilities and mortality. Grip strength was the most common measurement of physical capability, recorded in 23 of the studies, but walking speed, chair rising speed, and standing balance were also measured in several studies. Overall, poor perfor..
The moment you lockout - that is, put all the stress on your bone structure, the stress is off the muscle and onto the joint. (And ligaments and tendons)  You should avoid it therefore. You want strength in the muscle so you don't get permanent damage elsewhere, after all.  So, don't lock out. Stop just short. Many people have painful memories (and the pain sometimes remains) from chipping a bit of bone at the last moment of a lift.But...there are times in many exercises, especially pulling movements, where the connective tissue benefits from strengthening and improved resilience. &n..
The Back Hyper Extension Exercise
Four out of five people suffer serious back pain at some stage of their lives. The hyperextension exercise is one exercise that can build lower back strength in a way that helps avoid this. There are right ways and wrong ways, and Powertec has a very popular machine to help you do it properly. Lets you do hyperextensions at many angles, including the standard 45 and 90 degree. It also permits perfect crunches, and has lots of adjustability in footplates, rollers and pads to suit any body shape positioning. There’s a weight limit of 225 kg!Here’s Powertec’s unit, available at Fitness and Leisur..
The Benefits and Technique of the Reverse Grip Bench Press
                                                            Bigger weights on the bench press can eventually bring problems of wear and pain in shoulders and elbows.  A way around it, and avoiding it, can be the reverse grip bench press.More on how to do it in an article from Muscle and Strength Mag..
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