What offers this much serious* strength-training variety in such a small space?

  1. (*SERIOUS:  all major compound exercises - squats, rows, deadlifts, pull downs, presses, cable-driven shoulder, chest and leg isolation exercises )
  2. Next - a world of training with the world's most versatile strength tool - a pair of fast change, indestructible dumbbells. 2 to 34 kg per hand. For action that's all at the heart of strength training -  whether your goal's strength, size, leanness, cardio or a combination - these are perfect.
  3. Pound for pound, dumbbells use more muscle as a training tool. You don't need a spotter.  They let you do so much.  But you usually need quite a few of them, which is a recipe for clutter.  With these, no clutter.  Take a couple of feet square.  They adjust in small (2.2 kg, 5 lb)  increments, so you have the equivalent of 15 regular pairs in one.   And their own cabinet.  And they can be upgraded to 54 kg per side. Ultra compact. Feel better than regular dumbbells, many say. And they're tough. No plastic to shatter, unlike some.  Just steel and cast iron. Have thick grip options - can remove them easily as well. Plates are interlocking, making them naturally easy to handle, and a big steel pin (patented operation) locks them solid with a partial turn. Fast. See Video here.
  4. You can add a kettlebell handle - does one-or-two handed perfectly - to get an instant array of kettlebells in under a cubic foot. (Extra cost)
  5. With dumbbells comes the need for a bench.  The Super Bench is not only a long, rigid, tough flat one for heavy use, but add the multi-position seat in two seconds, and you have an any-angle bench with patented foot operation.  It's instantly upright, taking next to no space for storage. In a second it's a decline bench, (any angle of decline) at 5-degree steps up to 85 vertical. You get a Crunch Sit Up attachment that you use in deep angle presses, locks you in for crunches, and frankly, helps you up after the heavy stuff you do!  Bench takes 450 kg flat, 270 kg incline. Superbly finished.  And a faultless 6 year+ history in NZ. See Video here. And another Video, with Lee Priest
  6. The Ironmaster Cable Tower provides all the great pulling exercises and much more.  It has high and low attachment points, so you can change from say, lat pull downs to low rows, fast.  It's good for 6 feet+ users with a big stretch. (It's 86 inches (218 cm+) tall.
  7. Next, the dumbbells can act as the weights on the cable tower, giving you up to 68 kg, on a lifting geometry than means you get the full weight's effect.  Even a big guy will know he's worked out with 68 kg on his lats and smooth rows.  And you can use up to 110 kg in plates instead, if you want. (Or buy the dumbbells upgrade to 54 kg per side giving 108 kg pull-downs, without using plates)
  8. The bench (flipped upright) and the tower can be stored out of the way, in space of about a metre square. Add the dumbbells and cabinet in 2 feet square (0.61 by 0.61m) and never was so much great training to be achieved, yet stored in such a small space. In use, it'll fit in a space eleven feet by eight.(3.35 by 2.4m)  The Cable Tower detaches quick and easily from the bench, but when it's attached, it's rock-solid.  It has wheels, because it's quite heavy and you might want to get it out of the way quickly. (You access the low cable connection on the other side from where the bench attaches, so you do use more space when you do rows and other low-cable activity) When not in use, the whole set-up will fit into 16 square feet, or 1.5 m square.The bench goes vertical in a couple of square feet space; so do the dumbbells and the tower.

    Designed by a Seattle family company with a great reputation and 37 years in the business.   Look in the forum in Bodybuilding.com for independent impressions of the product and brand.

    Finally, you can add well-engineered options to your Super Bench, with a heavy-duty locking pin: Leg Lift/Leg Curl, Dip and Multi Grip Chin-Up Attachments and a Preacher Curl.  All built for big people. And small, though with the bench it helps to be bigger than 5 foot 8 or 1.73 m to have your feet solidly on the ground for heavy pressing.  Shorter people buy because it's so good, and put feet on something for lift. You can add the best one- or two-handed Kettlebell handles to give you a huge new array of exercises - effectively many weights of kettlebell (5 kg to 26 kg in 1.1. kg steps) using the dumbbell quick-change plates.  You can add a barbell to use the dumbbell plates as well, and an EZ Curl bar, or a straight bar. Or both.

    There are no compromises in quality of exercise or product - so often the case with extraordinary design.

    Right now, a free dip attachment, and chin up-pull-up attachment is included free-of-charge.  (As well as the Super Bench, Crunch Sit-Up, Cable Tower and 75 lb/34 kg Quick-Lock Dumbbells set)

    Freight: We have NZ's biggest population base covered as simply as possible, up front. If your choice isn't in one of those metro areas mentioned when you Add to Cart, check with us here. There's often a good answer.

Main items are grey powder coat frames with chrome parts.  Dumbbell set comes with 24 x 5lb plates plus 4 x 2.5lb plates. Dumbbell Handles and Locking Screws, and a Dumbbell Storage Stand.

Ironmaster offers a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for their benches, machines and optional attachments.  Pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.  Dumbbells are warranted for a lifetime to the first owner and for private (not commercial) use.

This video shows the various options that operate with the Super Bench and Cable Tower.  Note this offer includes the bench, dumbbells set and cable tower (with a wide lat pull down bar and Olympic weight adapters, a Crunch Sit-Up attachment, and a Dip and Chin Up attachment.  Other options in video are additional in price.

Cable Tower: 48 cm x 56 cm x 215 cm; capacity: 250 lbs or 113 kg.  Uses either Olympic or standard plates, or Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells as resistance weights. Comes with a wide lat pull down bar, and Olympic plate adapters.

Note: the cable tower can only work when attached to a Super Bench.  (You can buy an inexpensive attachable seat for the tower lo leave there if you want)

Bench dimensions, when flat: L = 104 cm W = 43 cm H = 52 cm.  Tested for 450 kg flat and 270 kg in inclined positions.

Main items are grey powder coat frames with chrome parts.  Dumbbell set comes with 24 x 5 lb (2.2 kg) plates plus 4 x 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) plates. Dumbbell Handles and Locking Screws, and a Dumbbell Storage Stand.  Dumbbell handles and locking pins are 10 lbs total (4.4 kg)  This adds to 75 lb per side or 34+ kg.

Dumbbells stand is 14.5″ wide x 19″ deep x 26″ high with rubber leveling feet.  (36.83 cm x 4.26 cm x 66 cm). The Stand will also hold the 120 lb (54 kg ) Add on Kit.

Dumbbells are 6.5″ (16.5 cm) square x 14.5″ (35.5 cm) long at the 75 lb size and just 9″ (22.8 cm) long at 20 lbs size. Handle grip diameter is 1.25″ and there is 6.5″ grip width inside.


Cable Tower, Quick-Lock Dumbbells and Super Bench Special

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