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Compound exercises like bench press, squats, rows and lat pull-downs are exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups. These exercises are the best way to build muscle and strength.  You simply don't get them on any other machine, except a barbell and a rack (not a machine)  Built and continually improved for over 20 years, the Multi System lets you perform these exercises with complete safety. Both the bench press and squat stations have built safety mechanisms that will stop you being trapped under a heavy weight.  You can push yourself to the limit while training alone.  Or lighten weight, have shorter rests and get cardio benefits and potentially, leanness.

Leverage exercises also allow you to perform the exercises with the strictest form. You don't have to stabilise a barbell, and can focus on isolating the target muscle. And the arc of the lever arm replicates a barbell or dumbbell's movement, so it's very similar to a free weight exercise.  The best of both worlds - serious body builders love this, but it's also ideal for beginners. 

Video's quite long - there's so much you can do.  Takes 3.30 to get to squats! 

Multi System Features

  • Heavy Duty - Bench Press and Squat up to 220 kg.  Removable close-grip bar. Lots of grips.
  • Lat Station offers 180 kg and press downs, pull-downs
  • Isolateral (arms can be fixed or independent) bench press  (Not in the demo above - an older model)
  • Built in safety mechanism on both bench press and squats
  • Pick the squat up at the top, a separate, large safety pin goes in lower down.
  • Guided, stable, padded squats and lunges.  Concentrate on the exercise, not staggering around
  • Three concurrent users!
  • Leg Extension/Curl Accessory free with this offer; usually $250.  Not the usual feeble add-on.
  • Tested and certified for commercial use in Europe to EU standard EN 957
  • Lifetime structural warranty to first owner
  • Superb grip variety
  • Large footplate for squat variations. And excellent, muscle-isolating lunges (because of the angle)
  • Calf block adjustable for the best calf raises. Bonus.
  • Industrial bearings on leverage arms. Smooth, consistent resistance under the heaviest loads
  • Sealed-bearing bench adjustment for lots of decline, flat, incline and proper military changes in seconds
  • Maintenance free.  Wipe it down.
  • Quality and finish. Powertec is the manufacturer. (They don't put it out to bid)
  • And notice how many others' products aren't often shown close up?
  • Check the tab above right to see the huge range of Multi System exercises.  Change your plan or circuit every week and you'll have variety year-through. No waiting, driving, parking.  Do it more often.  Present stock is yellow (All units have black benches) Finish is matte (non-glossy) and very durable and high quality.

    This video shows the squat station. (it's the same mechanism that's on the Multi System)

    Check the range of well-designed and robust add-on options at bottom of page.  Also note...the main pic shows a Pec Flye Accessory, which is extra-cost - and the last picture shows a Curl Machine Accessory,  connected to the bench at left, which is an extra-cost option.  There's plenty of biceps action in the base capabilities of the machine, such as drag curls, rows and pull-downs.  Plates aren't included, neither is the weight rack (in the main pic), but you'll leave a few on the three stations of the machine 

    This a big device; three big boxes.  Multi System itself without plates is 200+ kg empty Freight to long distance or remote locations can be pricey - but sometimes there are surprises. Check the freight at top near the price, or using the Contact Page and we'll see if we can arrange something if you're especially remote.  Assembly takes less than three hours, with excellent instructions. There should be someone else around to help hold heavy bits. In Auckland we offer a professional service to do it if necessary. 

    Other questions?...ask using the Contact Page

    Dimensions, Inclusions, Construction and Warranty are on the tabs above the first video.

    Last word: Powertec and Ironmaster stuff doesn't break.  We've been selling Multi Systems in New Zealand for 9 years without a single failure or post-delivery warranty claim. See the Powertec and Ironmaster Benefit.

    Lifetime warranty on structural frame (excludes paint). Five year warranty on moving frames (press arms and other unspecified moving components). Two year warranty on components (bearings, locking pins, pulleys, cables, slide rods etc). One year warranty on pads, grips and other unspecified parts. The warranty is for the original purchaser.

    Primarily constructed with 3" & 2" steel tubing with a 12 gauge (2.5 mm) wall thickness. Lever arms are 3 mm thick steel with a pair of heavy duty bearings on each arm. Padding is industrial grade high density foam with double stitched upholstery. A durable baked on powder coat finish is applied to the frame. Bearings and spring pins are industrial grade; nuts and bolts are high tensile strength.

    This Powertec product has obtained the European Commission's EN-957 certificate for both commercial and home use.

    Biceps training on a Multi System with Iain Lauer

    L=306 cm W=185 cm H=200 cm.  Empty weight: 200 kg

    Capacity: Press Station 500 lbs or 225 kg Squat Station 500 lbs or 225 kg Lat Station 400 lbs or 180 kg Ab Crunch 100 lbs or 45 kg

    Inclusions: Close Grip Bench Press Bar, Small Flat Bar with Revolving Handles, Close Grip Lat Pulldown Bar, Ab Crunch Attachment

    Bench press Isolation exercises
    Incline press (many angles) Lateral (shoulder) raises
    Decline press (many angles) Front raises
    Military press (fixed and independent) Biceps curls
    Isolateral function for the above Triceps press
    Close Grip Bench Press
    Bent Over Row With Accessories
    Prone Rows Pec flyes
    Lat Pull Down Rear shoulder raises (face down)
    Close Grip Lat Pull Down
    Leg Curl
    Front Squats Leg Extension
    Dead Lifts
    Romanian Dead Lifts Preacher Curl
    Calf Raise Cable Rows
    Crunch Cable Pull-Downs
    Sit Up Many cable isolation exercises

    Powertec Multi System

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