How Healthy Is Resistance Training?

This question was posed to a coach, Darren Beattie, on, where he has thousands of followers, presumably built up through the  insight of his answers to questions posed on the site.  He gives a comprehensive and well-expressed answer to a question that's not often asked.  Read it here.

His response:

I’d argue that it’s ‘healthier’ than almost any other kind of exercise for the following reasons:

  • Very low injury potential relative to chaotic and unpredictable sports
  • Very low volume relative to endurance sports (which yield a lot of overuse injuries because of a lot of repetition)
  • Big bang for the buck – less time invested with better results for your ‘health’
  • Strength and Power production have the highest correlation to quality of life as we age (they are also among the best longevity predictors) It improves metabolic pathways (like insulin sensitivity, glucose/blood sugar control, etc… and in fact I’d argue this is its main use case for weight/fat loss)
  • It maintains proper mobility/flexibility when done through full ranges of motion in a variety of planes
  • It decreases injury potential in other sports/daily activities
  • It improves aerobic and anaerobic energy system development (output)
  • It improves and maintains good posture
  • It combats sedentary life from a variety of angles (heart, lungs, flexibility, posture, etc…etc…)
  • It increases force production and consequently performance in everyday life
  • It’s more complete in its offering by comparison to pure endurance training (and endurance training’s contribution to your ‘health’) -  though I still recommend people do some energy system (endurance) training in addition