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More compact than regular dumbbells, balanced - 2 to 54.5 kg (120 lbs) in 2.2 kg steps; optional expansion even further. (Difference between these and the 75 lb/34 kg set is that we simply add another two 22.5 lb/10.2 kg plates to each handle, and longer locking pins) Second pic above shows the 10+ kg expansion plates loaded, with a couple more 2.2's each side, with the handles making 34 kg. For many people these represent free-weight perfection, in terms of grip, size, shape, compactness. 
  1. Compactness means they're easier to use. Fewer overhead clashes. Plates fit into each other to make change fast and the unit a single mass.  No rattle. Lock tight instantly.   Big locking pin slides in, takes a partial turn, locks solid. Instant assurance. (Something you want when there's 80 kg a couple of feet over your forehead) A picture at top shows patented locking pin design. Part thread, part smooth.  Smooth to slide in, thread then grabs at a partial turn.  And they feel like regular dumbbells. Better, many say. See last pic at top for dimensions of 75 lb/34 kg set.  The 120 lb/54 kg set simply has the extra 22.5 lb (10 kg+) plates added.  Second pic above shows them, with a couple more 2.2's (5 lbs) each side, with the handles making 34 kg. (We just need to get the US to go metric)
  2. Handles are chrome-plated steel, grips perfectly knurled.  See picture. Handles weigh 5 lb/2.2 kg.
  3. Replace $3400+ worth of rubber hex or cast dumbbells, (based on $3.50 per kg, lowest we can find) and save a huge amount of space. A space 2 feet square! No hunting around for the right ones.
  4. Include a superb stand (you'd need to pay extra for a rack with regular dumbbells)
  5. No plastic (unlike others); it can shatter.  And cheap plastic dial things sometimes don't grab the plates you wantIronmasters are steel, chrome, iron.
  6. Lifetime warranty for initial owner. And you can sit them on your knees, end on. And, optional thick grips.
  7. And an optional kettlebell handle - designed for one or two-hand use, (not too smooth, nor too rough for sensitive skin!) - doubles your exercise variety. Effectively 10 to 36 kg in small steps!  And no, the locking pin gets nowhere near the back of your hand.
  8. Few things match dumbbells for building or maintaining both strength and muscle mass. And these save a wall of space.  Plus, because they're so easily handled, they speed your workout considerably. More strength gets built faster! AND in smaller increments than other dumbbells - 2.2 kg all the way. 

    US-designed by a Seattle, Washington, family company, Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells are designed for serious weight training. The weights are made out of rugged precision machined iron - capable of withstanding dropping. For years of hard training, you need something really strong. 

    See video demonstration here:

    Lee Priest shows them, below

    Other Options

    Ironmaster enables its Cable Tower Option - an attachment for the Super Bench - to use Quick-Lock Dumbbells as resistance weights, making them really useful for an array of cable-driven exercises.   Again, money and space saved, more to be achieved!. See the Cable Tower HERE

    Quick-Lock Dumbbells are further expandable to 160 lbs/ 72 kg.

    Rack Dimensions: The base kit comes with a compact rack to store dumbbells and weight plates. 14"x19"x27" high.  This offers enough space for the upgrade weights as well.

    Freight:  (It's top right, near Add to Cart)  We have much of the population base covered as simply as possible, up front. If your choice isn't in one of those metro areas, check with us here. There's often a good answer.  

Chrome plated steel handles with knurled grips. Plates are precision cast. Stand/rack is steel, screws together, has capacity to hold the full 120 lb set of dumbbells. Ironmaster Dumbbells and Kettlebell Handles carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells, 2 to 54kg in 2.2kg (5 lb) Steps, Inc Stand

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