The Case for a Home Gym


Wasted Time and Frustration at the Regular Gym

Sometimes people move house, or move town, or country, and find commercial gym arrangements simply aren't practical anymore.  Or family arrangements mean they have to be around and accessible more than before.  So they create a home gym.

Some customers find that the only time they can get to a gym is when it's busy.  There's frustration over access to equipment, especially if they have a reasonably-defined circuit they prefer; and the alternatives on offer aren't attractive.  And they find that our equipment offers real variety of the most serious types of exercise, and for all sorts of goals, ranging from pure strength building, leanness, and cardio benefits, or composite plans that address agility and balance as well.

Then there's travel time, parking and getting organised for the gym.  These don't concern you if you do it at home.  In fact, the decision to exercise or train is much simpler.  You’re there – near your gear and equipment, and it’s hardly a decision at all.  It's not so much about money or fuss. If you're serious enough to make trips of any sort, doing it at home is the way to  get the training more comfortably, and more frequently.  Machines are all set up as you want.  

We have to say that if you live close to a gym, travel and parking are easy - or you can walk or cycle - and you can go at the right time, for ready access to what you's a different matter.  And if you don't have any space at home.  (Though with Ironmaster dumbbells, a kettlebell, a bench (and not even a cable tower) you get real versatility, and access to a huge range of the serious exercises on equipment that stores in less than a couple of metres square. It's similar with a LeverGym if you're not free-weight inclined.

There's also potential support and advice in some gyms.  This can be good.  But it can be a pest, and sometimes useless.   And if you're taking things seriously, there's plenty to learn elsewhere, online especially.  We can show you where. But what about other things that can bug us when we’ve reached the gym?  Here are a few...

Changing Rooms

They’re an easy place to waste time and get frustrated, especially when it’s busy.  You’ve got to take stuff, manage stuff, keep track of it – gym tags, keys, wallet, etc.,locker.  There’s none of this at home.  And who wants other bodies everywhere anyway?  There’s using facilities everyone else uses. Sometimes there’s queuing. The bug risk. Should you wear shower-shoes?  Extra shampoo.  Extra deodorant.  And then you head for the equipment, and find someone's cold sweat on the handles.

The Way Things Work at a  Gym

We've mentioned the machine availability bit.  Too often there are too many machines that just cater for one or two body parts, and not enough that address compound moves…the big, functional multi-joint exercises that make everything work together. It can take ages to get things done. The better tools are the busiest. There's sometimes queuing, and it’s not the way to do build strength properly.  It can make things stressful.  How do you know if someone’s on a machine or not?  He’s got an earpiece in, or he’s talking to someone.  Is that his sweaty towel on the equipment indicate he's using it?  Often you have change your plans completely.  

Creative Set Plans

Compound sets, supersets, pyramids, drop sets – there are all sorts of approaches that add variety and interest to your approach.  But in many cases they’re just too hard to organise and keep track of with all the traffic, and other users wondering which stage you’re at...or whether you’re finished.  Better to have your own 24/7 gym loaded at your preferred weights and resistance when you start, and do what you want!  And achieve more, sooner.

You Don't Need a Spotter

With the right equipment, that is.  We've got it.

Chatter and social distraction

Some gyms can be a happy social place, but for people who want to get it done, small talk just gets in the way.  Many of our customers are looking for a sense of relaxed, personal focus and they want to make the most of it.  For some, it's one place they don't want to have a gabfest, or to even have to make the effort to avoid it.

Competition, Social and Otherwise

For some people, there's a need to show they're in the game, and lift more than they'd like, to look better to others in the room.  Perhaps you'd prefer not to be around that sort of thing.


Doing it at home hasn’t always been a perfect proposition, but the big issues are now taken care of.  Variety of exercise and space limitations are truly sorted by compact, well-designed leverage gyms.  They put solid, highly-adjustable power and grip variety in a small space, and match control and safety, to compound exercises that mean business.  And free-weight equipment of serious capacity.  You're not limited to cheap and feeble equipment as has been the case in the past.  And there's neat, heavy cable facilities that plug in for all the finishing and isolation exercise you want. 

Strength training done certain ways gives great cardio benefits as well.  And of course, there’s plenty of endurance exercise that can be done outdoors, if that’s the sort of variety you like.  You can find peace and relaxed focus.  For many people, this is a way to set yourself up for getting better things done in the rest of your life.  

We didn’t mention costs and contracts - or the music...