Multi-grip globe grip attachment for barbells, dumbbells, and cable handles.  A powerful grip is a lever to many things...

Here's a video from police sergeant and reality-show star, Jim Vaglica.

Developed in the UK, and getting a global grip, a pair of GlobeGripz:

  • Increase grip strength, across all digits, which means greater strength and power down the muscle chain.  And bring greater training variety.
  • Reduce joint discomfort by providing grip rotation, reducing joint pain, making lifts more comfortable and providing potential rehab benefits.
  • Improve sport-related performance through grip power - throws, pitches, and bowls.   In fact, they add performance to any activity that's enhanced by grip power such as MMA, CrossFit and Grappling.

Meant for bars, dumbbells, cable handles measuring 25mm to 32mm. 

How do Globe Gripz differ from other grips?

Not just another fat (thicker) grip, their unique patented design allows for increased exercise variation and can help improve both gross and fine motor skills. GLOBE GRIPZ™ allow the hand to form arches it may not otherwise do in a weight training environment and, during an orthodox grip, can encourage greater recruitment of the less sensitive and dextrous Ring and Pinky fingers to help improve overall grip strength. In addition, GLOBE GRIPZ™ adapt barbells to be easily used with an EZ-Grip or Neutral-Grip to reduce respective strain on the wrists or shoulder complex.

Note; with the much wider grip and shape, you'll need to use them with lower weights; the muscles you're using are not up to the wider, more open grip, and need the training., unless you've been hefting big bits of 3-inch pipe(So you'll do some of your regular training without the Gripz)  With a little time, your new grip will get stronger, handle your regular weights, and you'll move foward to bigger overall attainments with all grips.  They take some commitment. 

Shipping details:  Made of tough rubber.  Weigh a little less than a half-kilo each, are 73 mm in diameter.  Come solidly packaged, with instructions.  The box is made for you to store them in.

FREIGHT is by tracked Postage package, and is included in the price.

THIS ARTICLE by Jim Vaglica, in, tells an excellent story about grip strength. It's before he came across GlobeGripz.


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