Barbells aren't all equal. The Ironmaster Olympic Barbell is a premium Olympic barbell with deep, fine knurling conforming to IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) specs. Its deep, fine knurling is grippy without being aggressive, meaning it can used in many training styles. There is no centre knurling but the manganese phosphate finish to the shaft provides enough grip across the back for squats.  (An advantage of no centre knurling is that the bar won't scrape your throat if it makes contact in the clean position)

It's a bronze bushing bar, so will be more durable and require less maintenance than a bearing bar.  Diameter is 28.5 mm.  Built in an extremely experienced Taiwan barbell factory to match the special reputation other Ironmaster products have, these are rated for 1000 lbs, and are individually tested.  Length is  86 inches/ 2.19 m, and  weight is 44 lbs/20 kg.  Weight plates and collars are sold separately.  Limited lifetime warranty.

Want to learn more about Olympic bars?  Here's a good piece by a customer.

Ironmaster Olympic Barbell

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